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Propecia and PSA results for prostate exam


Hello, who’s taking Propecia here and can you tell me have you ever gone for your PSA blood work for prostate cancer? How do you know that your PSA score is accurate if you are on Propecia?


I am on Propecia, first there are concerns about gyno or male breast tissue and now this drug may affect prostate screening also? I ve never heard of this before. Exactly how does propecia affect prostate screening?


I think Propecia may keep your PSA score artificially low and thus prevent you from knowing that you have prostate cancer.


The sad thing is that most doctors have no clue about finasteride’s effect on PSA and they blindly rely on your PSA score believing that it is accurate. When I told my doctor I was on finasteride and concerned about the score not being accurate, all I saw was a blank look on his face, he couldn’t tell me anything.