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PROMOX - new Minox + Finasteride topical


The makers of Remox have just announced their new topical containing topical Finasteride.


Great News!

After many months of research and 6 months of a triple blind study we are proud to announce the availability of Promox. Promox which proves to be 75% effective on both the frontal and vertex areas within a six month period. Testimonials

At present there are only two products approved by the FDA for hair growth. Promox combines these two in a topical product that blocks 80 to 90% of DHT with minimal side effects.

The results of our study are very positive and confirm the hypothesis that the topical solution of minoxidil and finasteride is more effective than either one alone.

Promox 6 month study is here


Testimonials are here. The first two have THREE! “6 month before/after photo’s” from the Promox study (the rest are Remox testimonials):


Promox Spray

Minoxidil 5%, Azelaic Acid 1.5%, Progesterone 0.25%, Tretinoin 0.025%, Finasteride 0.1%

Promox Lotion:

Minoxidil 5%, Azelaic Acid 1.5%, Progesterone 0.25%, Tretinoin 0.025%, Hydrocortisone 0.1%, Finasteride 0.1%

Promox Spray

Minoxidil 5%, Azelaic Acid 1.5%, Progesterone 0.25%, Tretinoin 0.025%, Finasteride 0.1%

Interestingly, the lotion contains Hydrocortisone while the other two don’t.

My own personal thoughts. Topical Fin has had mixed studies so far (and progesterone has one study confirming it does not grow any hair when applied topically).

Many people believe its the absorption into the blood that causes its effects,if any. However, if you put topical Fin on your scalp then there is only one way it can get into your blood steam and thats by passing through the skin. It seems pretty obvious to me that it must also pass via the follicles as well.

For this reason, i think it mkes sense to try a topical formula as it gives you a posible “double whammy” effect, i.e. it may act directly on the follicle or indirectly via the bloodstream.

Also, as there are so many fakes out there, especially Finasteride tablets, then it makes sense to apply the real Fin. as a topical “just in case”. Of course, nobody knows if they use the real thing one could argue, but thats your decision.

Ultimately,for me, none of the current crop of minox formula’s have done jack shit for me so far, including Spectral DNC, Rogaine Foam,Remox,Xandrox etc, etc.

I’m going to give this a go, if anything, atleast i may end up with the real Finasteride in my bloodstream !

cheers, col.


Promox 6 month before/after pics


That 3rd set of photo’s shows some good growth in the front/centre for just 6 months.

This is where i need help the most, i.e. the front/centre.

Obviously, the Fin may have had little effect anyway as he may have had similar results with the standard minox/retin a combo. Who knows for sure.


PS - No, i don’t work for them. I’ve been here alot longer than most on this site. Its just that absolutely NOTHING is working anymore and this looks like my last shot at a minox formulation. I just wish HM was here already :0(


» PS - No, i don’t work for them. I’ve been here alot longer than most on
» this site. Its just that absolutely NOTHING is working anymore and this
» looks like my last shot at a minox formulation. I just wish HM was here
» already :0(

Col this is my experience too, just nothing is working anymore, I have been lurking in the hair transplant forum out of desperation lately.


like minox it will enter into blood and have its effects,

where is the advantage?

its one of the greatest lies, that an topical effective drug dosn’t enter the system;


considering dr kleins promox trial was advertised here i was expecting atleast SOME answers from the actual triallists.

come on you guys - where are you ?

please post your comments on promox.

cheers, col.


» Promox 6 month before/after pics
» [img]http://www.physicianshairgrowth.com/images/Test2.jpg[/img


those pics are not that impressive, hard to see any difference


For six months actually those are great resutls. The real question is, how uniform is that kind of result? The biggest problem with a lot of these treatments is while some get great results, very few treatments or combinations of treatments get the same kind of results for most everybody (say 80%).

Like how many on this study had no benefit at all or saw a deterioriation. I am coming off of Avodart 2 weeks now (and already getting a lot of shedding even though I use rogain foam stil.

So I am going to try out a combiantion of the new Promox with minox and fin and also their spiro concoction. I am really hoping that this will stop the shedding. I pretty much got to a point where the side effects from oral avodart were just not worth it. Of course, I might change my mind a bit if the shedding keeps up like it has been. Amazing to me that just a week or two off would result int he amount of hair I saw in my hand this AM. Hopefully a fluke.

p.s. to the guy who said these results were not impressive. If they or anyone else has ideas for something better to try please post and tell us about it.


i used avodart when it first came out. a total disaster. after years of holding wigth Fin i lost a huge amount of hair at the front (never came back) and suffered from really nasty depression. wish i had never heard of it.

rogaine foam hasn’t worked at all but i still apply a little as i like the slight hair thickening/hairspray effect it gives.

my main reasons for trying the Promox though (which i have ordered) are :

1…Although topical fin results are very mixed, i still believe that if its true (as many believe) that the results are from systemic absorption, then to get into the blood stream it has to pass through the skin, and hence follicles.

2…I don’t seem to be getting the results i used to while on Fin. Although its probably age related, i like the idea of using a *real" topical Fin…just in case my latest batch is fake. There are so many fakes around that the possibility of getting real Fin via this topical is a good reason for many to try it, ie just in case their Fin is fake.
Of course, thats assuming its the real thing is in Promox to begin with. I would be very surprised if it isn’t though. I just thought i’d mention it as there are to many negative posters nowadays due to the constant disappointments of crap treatments that do jack-shit.

3…If i were lucky enough to get real results after 6 months, i could slowly wean myself off oral Fin in the hope of getting my libido back and produce some thick semen again like i did many years ago, not this watery stuff many of us have to put up with. Obviously, if it is absorbed systemically then this problem will remain. But maybe there will be less absorpion or even none at all. One can only hope.

Lets keep,our fingers crossed that it does work a little. Even a little is far better than where i am now.

I will take some pics before i begin my Promox treatment. I have ordered 3 bottles of the lotion (for the front) and 3 bottles of the spray for the crown.

cheers, col.


Col, I am… "sadly happy"to read this. At last a guy that acknowledges he sticks to fin and might drop it to have “his libido back”. Yes, that’s my case as well. What’s your daily dosage though? Mine is 2.5mg, which seems barely enough to keep my hair the way it is. But libido is weak… and gets even worse with each passing year. I’ve been shedding 150-200 hairs a day over the past 7 months and refuse to upgrade to 3,5mg, which I know would do the trick (cos it already has), but at what further expense…


Is there another place where we can get topical finas and simply combine that with minox ourselves ?


Yes. We would have to dissolve 12 proscar pills in a 60ml minox bottle to reach the 0.1% concentration. But the problem is the filler. Should we keep it? Brian advised to get it off thru filtration but we don’t know what amount of active product we leave in the discarded filler. Any thought about that?


I just buy the finasteride tablets 1mg and put it in my shampoo and I’ve had good results. No need to try some new product. It’s about 1 dollar a pill


I have been having great results using promox for the last 5 months. Was just using rogaine foam but had a boost with promox. I am using the foam 5% and 15 % lotion . Good luck to all!


hey franklin, good to hear you’re getting results. do you take other stuff too? oral fin? i’m thinking about getting on this stuff but can’t find too much recent information, lots of talk from 2008 but very little recent talk


No oral fin at all. promox 5% and promox 15%. Will post pics soon.


I will leave these up awhile. March before August after.


wow, this is just after 5 months of promox?


Yes started March 1st.


Congrats Franklin, looks amazing. What about your front? Do you use Promox for the front also or you only see results in the crown area?