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Prohairclinic HD video : 3000 grafts + Keratene Retard final resul


This patient had a diffuse thinning hair loss pattern.

The plan:
-Stabilize further hair loss by using DHT lowering products. This patient opted to use Keratene Retard.
-Add hair density overall to top and crown area.
3000 grafts where used, FUE hair restoration.

Prohairclinic uses:

-Manual extractions only, using a 0.7-0.8 mm titanium tipped punch.
-Manual forceps implantation using highly experience implanters which are native right or left handed for optimizing the precision levels.

Please note that the hair colour has changed slightly darker after using 1 year of Keratene Retard. This side effect is also noted quite often by those using Finasteride.