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Prohair Clinic: is Doctor Reys leaving Prohair-please update us


I have read on a german forum about the fact that Dr. Reys is retiring and leaving ProHair clinic. Can you Bart inform us what is happening, and what will your clinic do in this event. I read that a doctor called Mertens will replace him, please give us a feedback about him, and his expertise.



I too would like the answer to that please


Hi All Forum readers,

Today I would like to announce that at the end of this year Dr. De Reys will retire his active career as a Doctor completely. Being a member of our team for nearly 5 years he will be remembered as someone who devoted a lot of energy in trying to make the best result possible for each patient.

Since he was kind enough to foresee the future of Prohairclinic he trained our team for the past 2 years in ALL aspects of FUE hair transplantation. Today our team members are able to work as an independent team completing all tasks required during FUE hair restoration. Obviously we will work along with a new doctor. Team Prohairclinic will remain intact, all members are staying with our clinic and will train Dr. Mertens into the art of FUE hair transplantation.

For this reason we will move Prohairclinic to Medipolis complex in Wilrijk (next to Antwerp and only 15 minutes drive from our current location), at the end of 2009. Prohairclinic will join Medipolis, a large medical complex offering : eye surgery, plastic surgery, dental care. From 2010 onward Prohairclinic will carry out all hair transplantation for Medipolis as well as for our own patients, along with dr. Mertens.

Apart from the change of doctor everything will be executed as before using the same routines, the same extraction instruments (only manual extraction using 0.7-0.8 mm punches). Lateral slits will be used for implanting and as before we offer up to 2500 FUE grafts in a single day, or up to 4000 grafts in a 2 day treatment. Patients can expect the same level of quality, regrowth and patient care.

Due to our FUE only policy we have an extremely experienced team that has been trained by dr. De Reys to guarantee the level of service that is known to be attached to the name Prohairclinic.



Hereby an example of an FUE hair transplantation completely executed by Team prohair.



Hereby a small documentary video about our recent work:


It is so sad.Really Dr.Rey is a excellent doctor.I miss him too.It’s better to

contact his clinic to know more him.