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Prediction: Follica might try a reverse merger, too


If conventional sources of funding, like angel investors (should be well tapped-out by now), VCs, private placements, etc. don’t raise more money for them, and they’re unable to interest big pharmaceutical or biotech firms in buying them, I predict they may try a “reverse merger” too, like Histogen (soon to be Restorgenex) did.


And reverse merge with whom?

Do you know what a reverse merger is?


Aran, I can’t believe your questions there.

I didn’t say I knew who they might do this with, I was just predicting it’s a measure they might resort to, to try to raise money and go public while avoiding an IPO.

If you haven’t seen it already, Histogen has just signed a letter of intent to do this. Their new name will be Restorgenex.





Aderans might as well


Roger this method could be fine to “transform” a non-listed company into a listed company. However if the listed vehicle has not fresh money the new company should issue new shares to be sold to the public in order to get money. However I agree with you that this method could work and other histogen competitors could follow it.