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Possible Preventive Hair Loss "Cure" That is Working For Me


Consider the fact that a young man with MPB does not go from a Norwood 1 to a Norwood 6 or 7 overnight. It sometimes takes several decades. Does it seem reasonable that the results of a “cure” could also be very gradual? I have put a theory of mine to the test and over the last 2.5 years, my hair has become significantly thicker. Friends I haven’t seen for a while have noticed. My theory is based upon studies by George Cotsarelis and Valerie Horsley. DHT not only affects hair follicles genetically predetermined to miniaturize. DHT affects the scalp as well. Notice that your bald areas feel thin and hard. DHT depletes the adipose layer in genetically predetermined areas. Valerie Horsley’s study indicated that adipose signals blood platelets to release growth factors. Lack of growth factors from the blood sends hair follicles into telogen where damaged follicles are attacked by a person’s own immune system. That’s my theory in a nutshell.

My theory related to correcting the damage done by DHT involves the use of existing products and not experimental products that need to be purchased online from Chinese Websites.

1.) Rogaine
2.) Propecia
3.) Avodart
4.) Triamcinolone Acetonide

Triamcinolone Acetonide is a medium strength steroid available by prescription that has a listed side effect of excessive hair growth. Triamcinolone Acetonide inhibits ones immune system from attacking hair follicles sent into telogen by a lack of blood platelet growth factors.

I don’t even use Propecia or Avodart and I’m seeing a significant noticeable but gradual improvement. I have noted that Propecia and Avodart feminizes the male scalp improving the adipose layer.

Here is one of the keys that made all of the difference:
]PubMed.gov article[/link]

Our study demonstrates that exercise can acutely increase EPCs and CACs. Given the ability of these cell populations to promote angiogenesis and vascular regeneration, the exercise-induced cell mobilization may serve as a physiologic repair or compensation mechanism.

I’m not talking about general bodybuilding workouts, I’m referring to scalp muscle resistance exercises with one’s head tipped down after using Rogaine.

Bald scalp has been observed to be deficient in blood vessels and George Cotsarelis determined that balding scalp has a marked deficiency of progenitor cells.

Try this for several months:
Take a shower, dry your hair and rub Rogaine foam into your scalp. With your head tipped down, place your open hands on both sides of your scalp (sides of your head) and force the skin toward the top of your head with your hands. Focusing on your scalp muscles, force your hands in the opposite direction. Do one hundred of these resistance exercises morning and evening.

Here is why this works and it would be worthwhile for you skeptics to look this up. Exercising the scalp muscles directly promotes neovascularization and progenitor cell creation which George Cotsarelis found to be deficient in balding scalp.

Hair restoration physicians have found that scalp hair transplants thin in the recipient area over a few decades. This is because of what I mentioned earlier, DHT affects balding scalp to the point it no longer supports long-term healthy hair growth.



I feel it is better to go in for home remedies as these remedies might have some side effects.


Notice how MPB hair loss roughly follows the pattern of happening in the areas where muscles are absent. Blood flow is critical to healthy hair growth. That’s why scalp resistance exercises work to help maintain denser, healthier hair. DHT causes a reduction of blood vessels in the balding areas of scalp and depletion of the adipose (fat) layer. Just think about it:

1.) Caffeine improves blood circulation and studies show improves hair growth. Rogaine (minoxidil) improves blood flow a little as well.

2.) PRP improves hair growth in balding areas.

3.) Nicotine constricts blood vessels and studies show it’s a detriment to hair growth.

4.) Feel you chin where hair growth is of a thick caliber. feel the thick fatty layer. Far fewer beard hairs spend time in telogen than scalp hairs do. Researcher, Valerie Horsley believes that adipose signals blood to release growth factors.

5.) Cotsarelis believes that a characteristic of MPB is one of hair being in telogen for extended periods. It’s a hair cycle imbalance.

6.) Triamcinolone acetonide either promotes anagen or inhibits telogen.

7.) Our immune system plays a role in MPB. Studies indicate that as hair miniaturizes, the body no longer recognizes your own miniaturizing hair follicles as part of your body and attacks them as a foreign object. When you are losing you hair, you can actually feel this unpleasant sensation. Triamcinolone acetonide inhibits the immune system’s destructive effect on miniaturizing hair follicles.

Research references:


I think this is very interesting. I’ve seen more researches about scalp massage increasing hair counts and always wanted to try it but it’s hard to really stick to it. OP, could you maybe explain in more detail you exercise regime? What exactly do you mean by ‘force your hands in the opposite direction’? Like first push the skin towards the top, and then down again?

Reminds me also about Christopher Walken. He’s had the same hair for decades, he obviously has some recesssion but it looks like it just stopped somehow. and his hair never got to the point where it got thinner. Apparently he has, in some interview(s), talked about hair pulling, which is similar to scalp massage:

“CW: Anthony Perkins, who I knew as a kid, told me once that every day I should grab my hair and pull it for five minutes. I’ve been doing it since he told me that. They say that men lose their hair because over the years the skin on the scalp tightens, the blood gets cut off, and the hair dies, like grass, so the thing is to keep the scalp loose by pulling on it.”

“Bradly Cooper mentions on Letterman that Walken showed him how to do this. As such, I think it’s fair to assume that there are several high profile people who have/do practise this” - some forum guy.