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Positive news - my Keratene experiment


About myself:

29 years of age, male.
Hair loss status: aggressive diffuse thinning
Previous regimen : Saw Palmetto 12 months (did not do anything, even on high dose)
Finasteride: never tried, never will:-)

I read about Keratene Retard last year, it is supposed to lower DHT similar to Finasteride but without side effects. Keratene comes as a food supplement and it is based on Beta Sitosterol using a delayed release (hence the word ‘Retard’)
I am always very skeptical about any new product, so I decided to perform my own little experiment.

I counted the amount of hairs on a clean pillow for a period of 30 days, before using Keratene and again after being on Keratene for 10 months.
Products used :
Keratene Retard tablets, twice a day (one in the morning, one in the evening)
Keratene Shampoo and Keratene Ultra Lotion (10 minutes) twice a week

Before using Keratene (not using any hair loss product)
Average hair count : 324 per day

After using Keratene products (10 months)
Average hair count : 103 per day

Conclusion : Keratene has a statistically significant benefit in reducing hair loss in my case

I am not related to Keratene in any way, directly or indirectly.


to be true I think I was very sceptical for this product.
But there is more and more good reports and news such as doctor using Keratene themselve and suggesting it to patients that do not want to use finasteri stuff.


thanks for relating your experience, ive heard of this stuff b4, can you tell us what dosage you used and where you ordered yours from, also have you noticed your hair thickening due to less shedding, thanks


Using: 2 tablets per day

I order from www.prohairclinic.be

Now working for a German company in the Netherlands, nice people but bad weather:-)