Point-Counterpoint: Extracellular Matrices: Are They Worth It?



A Quick Guide To Current ECM Products
The available ECM products include the Oasis® graft (Healthpoint), which is comprised of porcine-derived acellular small intestine submucosa. EZ-Derm® (Brennen Medical) is composed of crosslinked porcine collagen. Graftjacket® (Wright Medical Technology) is derived from human dermal membrane. Unite® (Pegasus) is derived from horse pericardium. AlloDerm® (LifeCell) is an acellular dermal matrix derived from donated human skin tissue.
Integra Bilayer Matrix Wound Dressing® (Integra LifeSciences) is a nonliving extracellular matrix of bovine tendon collagen and chondroitin-6-sulfate with silicone backing. Researchers have shown that Integra regenerates tissue in histopathology studies and this modality is FDA approved for burns.6
Other versions of ECM for soft tissue repair/tendon repair include Tissuemend® (TEI Bioscience), a fetal bovine dermis, and Restore® orthobiologic implant (Depuy), a porcine small intestine submucosa. Apligraf® (Organogenesis) and Dermagraft® (Advanced Biohealing) are considered living tissue and are separate from this discussion. Transcyte® (Smith and Nephew) is a human fibroblast derived temporary skin substitute indicated for burns.