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Please report all forum glitches, bugs etc


Previously reported forum bugs (ie: links not showing; quotes not working) are now fixed.

Please report any other glitches while posting or reading forum posts.



personally, I dont think the site redesign was a good idea, i find it alot harder to navigate now :frowning:


I’m seeing a problem with the “Edit” function now. I noticed this first today, June 20.

When I click edit, I don’t get the normal text box where I see the text of my post and can edit it.

All I see is a white area (not a box), going down about 5 inches on my screen, and at the bottom of this white area, my text starts at the left and runs all the way to the right, beyond the right margin of the screen, on a single line. If you follow that line of text, the edit text box is all the way to the right, off the screen. It also resulted in some of my text appearing twice on the post, at the top and the bottom (whereas I had only typed that text once in the post.)

UPDATE: I figured out what caused this problem. I typed an “arrow” as part of my post (I am not reproducing the arrow here, but it uses hyphens and a “greater than” sign. I’m not typing it because if I do, this problem will crop up.)

When I removed this arrow from the post (using the edit text box to the right of the screen, the problem is resolved.

This is funny, because I used to be able to type things like an arrow on the “old” version of the forum, and I never had any issues like this.


Thanks, we are looking into the EDIT problems. It was fixed at one point but apparently the problem still exists. Hopefully it will be corrected very soon.


Hi HairSite, there are some new posting problems happening on the board… I will email you about them.


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by roger_that[/postedby]
Hi HairSite, there are some new posting problems happening on the board… I will email you about them.[/quote]

Ok or you can post in the ADMIN forum, whichever is easiest. Please also advise what browser and operating system you are using.



Hi, HairSite… a couple of days ago a glitch on the forum (?) prevented me from posting – I got an error message that I hadn’t entered a subject heading, although I had. I moved back to the previous page, and lost the post I had typed. That glitch appears to be fixed now.

I am also seeing recurring glitches with the “quote previous poster’s comments” function. It frequently does not work – sometimes it puts both posts (mine and the previous poster’s) in a blue box together (only the previous poster’s post should be in the blue box). Sometimes my post is turned into a blue message or link. Sometimes the function actually does nothing. Occasionally, it works as it should. This problem got much worse when the new site design was introduced, but with the return to the old forum software (?) the problem is not as frequent.


Sorry for all the issues and inconvenience caused. We have switched the configuration back and things should be more stable now.

We have finished all the testings for the forum modernization project. A new platform will be introduced in a matter of weeks and this will complete our site overhaul.


Hairsite I can’t use the “quote” feature to quote previous poster’s comment.