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PLEASE read and see where I am now - promise a regiment that works with AVODART



I started propecia at 21 in 2001. Took it everyday for 3 years, it mostly kept my hair and regrew about 30%. I started as soon as I noticed hairloss so basically kept most of my hair. Never noticed sides as they must have crept up really slowly. I would wonder what people were talking about with sexual sides, I was allrite…and got it up to perform whenever I needed. Jerked of twice a day so really was always kinda sexually exhausted most of the time so if had a trouble getting up would attribute it too much masturbation not propecia-- Im 21 rite!

But I never missed a pill a day. After about 2.5 years of daily pills I forgot my prescription and was travelling internationally. and was therefore off for about 4-5 weeks.

OH MY GOD - MY libido literally from 7-8th day onwards of no propecia went through the freaking roof! I mean I got up with such hard wood, my orgasms were just so much more intense and to get it up all I needed to do is just touch my cock. WTF??? just like wondering how come I never realized I was suffering form such serious sides before.

THE MIND IS EXTREMELY POWERFUL – There are most definitly sexual sides with propecia and I am sure 90% of the people suffer from it! IT just crept up slowly and my mind never paid attention and just accepted that I am a young, virile kid and I can get hard so whenever I needed it I did. BUT MY BODY WAS DOING SOMETHING ELSE… THIS WAS NOT NORMAL… Sure I would get hard and be able to have sex, but erections always kind softish I needed a lot of stimulation (ofcourse mental stimulation is most important)…

WELL I then realized I had exchanged the sex drive of a 21 year old to a 55 year old, or probably 60 year old man — I was depressed again.

BUT I WANTED MY HAIR – SO I continued and took viagra here and there, just kinda continued til 25 when AVORDART came out – JUMPED ON AVORDART daily and continued till 27. MINOX FOAM CAME OUT AND THAT DEF MADE A BIG DIFF. AT THIS POINT I JUST ACCEPTED THAT I have a sex drive of an old man and looks of a young guy! This was my cross to bear - I could not imagine life as a bald guy! at 27/28 MY HAIR WAS BETTER THAN AT 18 I SWEAR – Mostly due to extrememly potent combination of Avodart daily .5mg and MINOX FOAM.

BUTTT at 28 I just sort had enough life experiences, f$cked enough people (both guys and girls but thats another subject) Had always gotten enormous attention due to my looks and I kinda was over it by then – I was a hot guy till 28 got so much attention got paid for my looks, did all I needed I Was more ok with aging now… BY THIS TIME Id rather be a hunky bald 30 year old than a 25 year old cute model with limp dick.

TO BE CONTD ( please keep on reading)