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PLEASE read and see where I am now - CONTD2 and final!

I decided in September 2013 - to take avodart every 96 hours. 1 in 4 days basically religiously. Keep the foam going and see what happens.

The long -half life of avodart in addition to the slow turnover of the alpha reductase 1 & 2 should mean that even 1 pill in 4 is going to keep DHT Lowered, surely not 90% but maybe 50%.

THIIS NOW FEB 2014 - after 5 months.

  1. MY hair has returned with a freaking bang! I mean I dont have hair loss and my friends are noticing that I am doing something for my hair - my hairline is back very rapidly – how is this possible??? These are better results than I had on propecia everyday. I am regaining everything that I lost over 4-5 years and its coming back strongly!!!

  2. My sex drive is stronger with avodart once in 4 days than NO AVODART for 4 years… WTF??? How is this possible. I noticed this after 2-3 weeks of avodart once in 96 hours. I get up with better wood and I am FINE! I have no issues sexually, I get hard very easily. I cum a lot harder…and I am really enjoying this !! Its NOT MENTAL – something is happening here. I am now 6 months on this 96 hour thing and I love my sex drive and my hair – IT MAY NOT BE the drive of a 21 year old but its waaay more enhanced than what I experienced basically through my twenties… I can jerk off 2-3 times a day and get quite rock hard easily… It still doesnt last tooo long if there is not enough stimulation but at least mentally and physically my body is craving sex!

SO WHAT IS GOING ON HERE — 3 possible scenarios and please comment of you have an opinion–

!) IS IT Really DHT that is responsible for sex drive – or its it high free testosterone and DHT’s ability to act as a anti-aromatase blocking FREE T to Estrogen. Keeping FREE T high. I mean old guys have tons of DHT but lowered sex drive? IF its FREE T- that is the main thing and all DHT Does is keep it from turning into Estrongen, than exactly how much DHT is required to do the job because DHT itself is converted for FREE T further reducing FREE T.

It seems form my experience that If You remove DHT 90% - initial response is

HIGH FREE T, Low DHT, LOW Estrogen - Strong sex drive for 2-3 weeks
AFter 3 weeks – LOWERED FREE T, LOW DHT - HIGHER ESTROGEN — Sexual Dysfunction.

So to keep FREE T higher and ESTROGEN LOW… ITS NEC. TO HAVE SUFFICIENT DHT TO KEEP THINGS IN CONTROL – Too much is bad as it also means lowered FREE T - and too little is bad as it means Lowered FREE T AND MORE ESTROGEN.

Maybe the magic number is about 50% – If you cut your DHT 50% – its still enough to keep FREE TO from turning into Estrongen, thereby keeping FREE T high

HIGH FREE T, lowered DHT (more high FREE T) and normal/low estrongen (DUE TO 50% DHT STILL There.


  1. How much DHT do you need to inhibit to regrow hair is 90% necessary, maybe with DHT lowered 50% and foam everyday is enough to regrow your hair - I KNOW AVODART IS DOES DEPENEDENT so here is another piece of the puzzle.

  2. Maybe HIGH FREE T, low DHT, low estrongen actually is another catalyst for hair growth – maybe its better than 90% lowered DHT. Maybe free T is neccesary for scalp growth and only too much of turning into DHT becomes a problem.

90% reduced DHT, means Even FREE T is low is as its getting turning into estrogen.

At 50% reduced DHT, FREE T is still higher, higher still as less of it is converting to DHT and Estrongen.


  1. You dont need to lower DHT 90% to get your hair back — this will topple your hormonal profile and make you into a eunuch.
  2. 50% reduction of DHT by Avodart 96 hours, keeps enough DHT circulating to keep estrogen under control and FREE T sustainably high. Less DHT also means higher FREE T on its own.
  3. You dont need to remove all DHT to get back your hair - its only when DHT is so elevated that hair loss becomes rapid. With DHT lowered, this will still be enough to not allow your hormonal profile to topple and will still keep your hair under control with only very slow progreession!!!

Pictures or it didn’t happen.

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