Phil - repair - 1500 fuht update (Dr. A\'s clinic) / 21 mth update

Patient nickname - Phil

History - Phil had old fashioned plug grafts transplanted at some other clinic before he visited us in 2006.

As per his own choice, he wanted to go for a 1500 FUHT grafts only procedure in his first session.

The first repair HT involved -

  1. Placing grafts in between the previous plugs,
  2. Extracting the plugs placed inappropriately low in the temple,
  3. Excising the “shotgun” scars in the donor area when taking out the strip.


Before Phil’s first repair HT

Intra operative pictures

2008 - 21 months later pictures

Phil keeps his hair combed back. The follicular unit grafts in front give a natural appearance and combing back the hair masks the plugs further behind.

Close up of hairline

2008 procedure pictures

Satisfied with the first stage of repair HT, Phil went for the second stage in 2008.

At the time, he was also given some complimentary beard hair grafts - so he may assess the healing and growth of this additional donor for possible future use.

Did the patient used to go out without a cap before repair? I guess not.
I feel he should have gone for a 4 or 5000 grafts in one go. Nice improvement anyway.