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Pavel - couple of questions


Pavel, you responded to my entry regarding beard hair transplants, but I never heard back from you on some of the details of your procedure.

Pavel, thanks for writing. Can you provide additional details such as:

who did your surgery?
how much beard hair did you use?
where did you place beard hair (spread throughout top or one location)?
was beard hair mixed in among other scalp hair?

» I came around after long time…
» Guys, what can I say …, when I read about beard hair transplant again,
» my hands began to shake…
» Surely, every individual is different (so no quarrel with the guys above
» who are happy with their results), but in my case it was a disaster.
» (To be more precise, it was a 3 years disaster within another much longer
» one, because my life with HT in the last 12 years has been one long
» torture
» Anyway, back to the topic: In my case the difference in caliber was even
» bigger than that shown in photos in the beginning of the thread (because
» my hair is extremely fine). It was not that bad within first 6-12 months,
» but later it really began “to stick out like a sore thumb”. Any yes, I
» agree with Franklin that “strip scar maybe another story”.
» Thank you.



Does anyone know Pavel and can elaborate on his comments??