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Patient - Same Day Different Lighting


These photos were taken of a young man kind enough to participate in our ACell follicle regeneration study. The photo on the left was taken indoors with a flash and the photo on the right was taken outside in direct sunlight with the sun shining directly on the back of his head. Camera flash can find and highlight thinner areas that don’t stand out at all when you see the hair with your own eyes. This patient has very thick dense donor hair, so the photo on the left misrepresents his donor area. The photo on the right accurately captures his density but makes his hair look more gray.

We get a lot of photos sent to us from men concerned about hair loss taken with their phone cameras. When you take a photo of your wet head with the flash on, your hair loss will look considerably worse. That can be depressing. I have seen photos that make some men look as if their hair loss is more than twice as severe as it really is.

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