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Other Docs been trying Acell?


I remember someone posted here a year or two ago that the makers of Acell told them that Acell has been in contact with HT doctors who are experimenting with using Acell.

We know that Drs Jones, Hitzig, and Cooley have experimented with it.

Might there be other doctors who’ve been experimenting with ACell these last two years who have not yet come forward with their results?


Some Docs in Florida

"Providing what in early reports is the most exciting new development in regenerative medicine, Drs. Epstein, Charles, Halaas, and Galitz are now incorporating ACell MatriStem into their surgical practices.

So, what do cute little lizards and an advanced surgical procedure have in common? ACell - a proprietary extracellular (or acellular, meaning it is never rejected) product that functions in humans in a regenerative fashion. Similar to the material that occurs naturally in salamanders that gives them the ability to regrow missing limbs such as legs, Acell provides many potential benefits for surgical patients by encouraging the growth of normal cells instead of scar tissue in healing wounds. Derived from porcine (pig) bladder, ACell

MatriStem has been used in humans to repair and remodel damaged tissues and organs, including incisions and skin grafts, and has resulted in as much as 15 mm (more than half an inch) of amputated finger regrowth, fingernail bed included!

When applied into a surgical site, such as a facelift or hair transplant donor site incision, the Acell is resorbed and replaced with normal tissue, resulting in a softer, often less detectable scar. This ideal biomaterial has also been shown to promote rapid natural tissue healing and resist infection. Another potential indication for Acell is in improving the regrowth of transplanted hairs, whether obtained from a strip or the incisionless FUE technique. We are excited to be on the cutting edge in offering this new technology to patients as a standard part of practice as well as in conducting research on the product.

Acell MatriStem is currently being offered to patients at no extra charge, both as part of the procedure as well as on a research basis. If you are interested in finding out how you can take advantage of this opportunity, or to learn more, please contact the office at info@fhrps.com."


Source/link ?

Anyway, in the past, not many Docs out there tried ACell seriously. Most of them just used it (if at all) for “hyping” their clinics, resp. to get attention.

Basically, some preliminary (but VERY interesting!) results aside, nothing has changed:

… because the usage of ACell products is still experimental - at least in the HT/HM field.

Just to quote Spencer Kobren (he’s right):

“Our advice it to proceed with caution and realize that at this time, few physicians truly understand how to utilize ACell MatriStem in hair restoration correctly and that this process, even in the most capable hands, is still in its experimental stages.”

Caveat Emptor “Let The Buyer Beware”

Source: http://www.thebaldtruth.com/hair-loss/dr-gary-hitzig-presents-preliminary-findings-using-acell-matristem/