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Organ Technologies - bad news

Not entirely bad news, maybe just some temporary roadblocks, there is still a lot that we don’t know.

I am more excited about Histogen, they are already in human trials and their science is based on stem cells

I think Histogen will prove to be good and somewhat effective. But I don’t think that a treatment that uses growth factors derived from stem cells will be nearly as effective as a cell-based procedure using actual stem cells themselves.

Based on my comparisons between PRP and stem cells, PRP seems to yield better results than stem cells.

@zlaer I’m NOT talking about “stem cell therapy” which a lot of hair transplant clinics are marketing along with PRP, where they just extract cells from your body and inject them into your scalp.

I’m talking about procedures that use stem cells to grow hair follicles in the lab, like Dr Tsuji, Dr Christiano, Stemson Therapeutics, etc. are researching. None of these procedures are available yet.

I understand now.

Just to let you know, dont place your faith in Dr Christiano’s work. She fluffs up her research to make her numbers look good and shes not trustworthy. I advise all here to avoid her. Just focus on the real relevant work being done by reputable doctors like Tsuji. As a matter of fact Tsuji has yielded far more beneficial discoveries to the point where much of his research work has far exceeded expectations to current science that is propelling us closer to a cure.

@zlaer Can you be more specific about what details of her work Dr Christiano is misinforming us about? I believe the only numbers she’s referred to publicly is how many follicles she’d be able to grow in her lab from one extraction of donor cells. I think she said she could grow hundreds of follicles at a time in the little wells she’s using.

Well this idiot of a researcher likes to fluff her numbers up which results in many in the community to snub her away as a fraud. One thing I personally cant stand is when someone in a respectable field blows up numbers to suit their fancy to make themselves look good. There are several honest, hard working researchers in the field that present data in a reliable manner whom one can definitely trust.

@zlaer Sorry, I’m still not following you there. By “community” do you mean the research community? The HT doctors’ community? The patient community? Please give further details.

By community I mean the smart ht community that arent easily fooled by fake numbers. And I also suspect some researchers as well who know whats happening but wont divulge whats going on for various reasons I wont get into. You’d be surprised by what some researchers are able to do to gain fame.

Btw the doc appears to wear a hairpiece to cover up her bald spots as she herself is a sufferer of alopecia areata an auto-immune disease that destroys hair follicles.

@zlaer When these people in the hair transplant community were saying Dr Christiano fudges her numbers, were they referring to her stem cell research, or the success of the JAK inhibitor drugs she’s promoting?

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