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Oral minoxidil as an off label treatment for pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia

Low dose oral minoxidil - 5mg daily study.

The study involved 30 men between the age of 24-59.

"There was a significant increase in total hair counts from baseline at weeks 12 (mean change + 26, range 182.5-208.5 hairs/cm2) and 24 (mean change + 35.1, range 182.5-217.6 hairs/cm2) (both p = 0.007). Photographic assessment of the vertex area by an expert panel revealed 100% improvement (score > + 1), with 43% of patients showing excellent improvement (score + 3, 71-100% increase). "

copied from below. Before and after photos in link below as well.


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@CueBallBob i couldn’t get to the site, do i read to pay to read that article? what does it say?

It simply says that oral Minox seems to do a good job of growing hair - better than topical. There are actually articles about this going back to at least 2019 but somehow I missed them.

@Myhair1 no need to pay, just register an account and you can read the article. It’s just confirming that oral minox could make a difference far better than what you would expect from topical use.

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The article is missing the most important information, what dose should people use!!

@Myhair1 look at the first post in this thread, the study used 5mg oral minoxidil in the study. I don’t know why they did not talk about what dose to use in NY times article.

I have posted this before, I will say this again, to be really effective, i think people probably need 10 mg oral minox + spironolactone + finasteride, of course, that is assuming that your doctor is willing to write you a prescription for that, it is the biggest hurdle. Most doctors are reluctant to write the script and please never do that without talking to your doctor first.

My doctor refused to write the prescription for oral minox, even after I sent an article in a dermatology publication that reviewed a lot of studies that indicated very few side effects affecting a tiny percentage of people.

He told me that since I was already on finasteride, there would be no benefit from minox. This seems wrong, since they address different issues and work in different ways. But I have no fancy pants MD license hanging on my wall.

I’m looking for a doc who will do it for me. I don’t like taking anything from the black market mail drug business.


You may like this study:

pilot study investigating combination therapy with low-dose oral minoxidil and spironolactone#


Hasson & Wong sponsored post - #1 hair clinic in Canada and Top 3 clinics of all time in the world according to HairSite’s patient statistics. For more info, visit:

Here’s an excellent post by Dr. Donovan for those who are concerned about oral minoxidil and its effect on blood pressure.



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