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OMG ... you come here some years later


and everything is the same or worst … Medicine = stagnation … it’s so obvious, we are unable to understand and cure our body


It does feel that way, In about 2008 I was reading exciting articles from people who are followers of the the likes of Ray Kurzwail, predicting the singularity, they’re still excited today nearly a decade later, about the same things they’ve been predicting for years. The idea of exponential growth in medicine seems laughable now.

When it comes to things like the human body we’re moving at snail pace, it’s still the same treatments for baldness, and hirsutism, so they’re no further along in treating disorders of the hair follicle. Come back in another 10 years and it will probably be the same story, unfortunately.


Medicine in particular is suppressed science.
Health is not a bussiness. Sickness is.

So when a natural cure for a disease is found (particularly for cancer which is the 2nd most profiable business) the doctor is destroyed (license revoked, taken to trial, reputation destroyed, etc) so nobody touches the cure.

It well could be that in order to cure hairloss an important health issue must be solved and that will kill the golden eggs goose so is a no no.

If all this sounds too conpsirative there are plenty of documentation on the subject.

For a starter you could watch the video of a guy who cured himself 3 skin cancers and then plenty of diseases of the people nearby.
Rick Simpson story.

Ray Kurzweil is a moron in the sense that he trusts the system so the idiot has been taking the statins poisson for a long time. If you blindly trust the system you are toast.

Those of you angered at the idea of a real cancer cure get over it.


The reason most of the old timers (I consider myself one) rarely post in the forum is primarily due to the “Tin Foil Hat Wearing Conspiracy Kooks” (like yourself) and the “Angry Bald Political Guys”. I just want the science, not some idiotic big pharma conspiracy rant, not a big political rant because some jerk lost and another jerk won some election. I check in, look for actual news on web site updates, check for updates from people who are brave enough to actually be experiment with cures on their own, and then I leave. Everything else you post is just white noise.


This is true. Been here since 2003 and little to nothing has changed.


@FatalEvolution actually a lot has changed. We are smarter now, we no longer buy into empty promises made by doctors like Gho, Nigam etc and get all excited with every word that came out of their mouth. When the cure becomes available, everybody will know because it will come from a reputable established organization, not some obscure clinic experimenting in some remote corners of the world.

I am patiently waiting for Replicel , it appears that there will be an early introduction in Japan.


When do you think this’ll happen, in five years ? :wink: