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Nutritionist Thinks Eating This Food Prevents Baldness

Actually, I would not assume it’s curry

One thing I wonder about, is if hair loss among Asians becomes more frequent once they adopt the Western lifestyle.

If so, I wonder if having a greater percentage of Omega 3’s in the diet would account for it (obtained from green leafy vegetables and fish that eat green plants or those that eat other fish that eat green plants (algae, for instance).

I take this stuff everyday because it’s important for the brain and all sorts of physiological functions of the body. It kind of makes sense it would be beneficial to hair growth, but like so many things (focused laser light, wounding, etc.) it is of marginal usefulness. In a person just starting to lose hair, it may slightly slow down the balding process, but it isn’t going to grow a full head of hair back on an already substantially bald person.

There are certain types of food that provide nutrients that are good overall for the hair, skin and nails. But there are no foods that will prevent, stop or reverse the effects of female or make pattern baldness. Otherwise this could be seen as a cure for hair loss which it certainly isn’t.

Rahal Hair Transplant

Yes definitely it is very good to have such a nice recipe for anyone that can be for the betterment of human being …

The modification has to be more deep-seated then using only one food item.
Epigenome modification is the key to delaying hairloss and maybe in future stopping/reversing it .
This is no longer in realm of science fiction.
It is being done now.

Dr A

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