Nothing has changed


Pictures and video are virtually worthless w/o extensive exposure to HT-hair on the street. You must see many results in-person on a windblown high noon to know anything at all about the reality of HT.

People chatter endlessly about surgeons and techniques. About “great results.” Let me tell you something. Some other guy’s results have jacksh*t to do with what’s gonna wind up on your head. Your HT-hair will largely be determined by your hair characteristics. And they better be f’ing great.

Nothing has changed. HT-hair is mostly garbage hair at high noon. These boards are full of the most laughable, rationalized, self-deluded bullsh*t imaginable.

Do yourself a favor and start seeing many HT-heads in daylight. Make damn sure to find guys with similar NW level and hair characteristics. And get off the net. The hairnet is nothing but salesmen, shills, dopey youngsters and preening geezers.

Nothing has changed. The HT math is still bitter and the HT-hair is still ugly. Very few guys have the characteristics, time and money required to get “great” – that is – passable results.

Nothing has changed.


so what do you recommend besides Propecia and Rogain?