Norwood Class 7 patient treated by Dr. Robert M. Bernstein (NYC)

Patient CMO is a Norwood Class 7 with light brown, wavy, medium fine hair and fair skin with a donor density of 2.6. CMO had a slightly tight scalp and a broad forehead. Results after a single hair transplant session of 1,970 follicular unit grafts.

Before / After:



Detail of Hairline

Results after one session showing how a properly positioned hairline can bring a person’s facial proportions into balance.

Before Hair Transplant

After 2nd Hair Transplant Session

Top View

In the first session the grafts were placed symmetrically. Since the patient has now decided to comb his hair from left to right, a second session will be designed with left-weighting of grafts to enhance this grooming pattern.

Before Hair Transplant - Top View

After 3rd Hair Transplant Session - Top View

I need to be Honest, if this is his 3rd transplant he should have shaved his head
The work is subpar compaired to some of the top doctors here. Dr. Bernstein needs more artistry
work. This looks like a comb over gone bad.

There’s nothing wrong with the “artistry” in these photos. This patient has a huge area of hair loss to cover, and like everybody else, a very limited donor supply to work with. These photos are realistic and show the amount of positive improvement a high-Norwood patient with average characteristics can expect.

Hair transplant results are like a bell curve. A few patients get fantastic results, a few patients get really terrible results, and the majority of patients only get “average” results. These are photos of an average result. If you don’t think average hair transplant results are worth the money, risks and trouble (most people don’t, including myself) then don’t get a hair transplant. I would rather see honest depictions of HT results instead of doctors cherry picking only the best photos, which can be misleading to many people. Especially to desperate young guys who want to believe that HT are a magical solution to hair loss.

Sorry Arfy… Subpar

Though this is a great example where Doctors can take pictures like this
and say… You have a large head and If you want me to charge you
say 50k to look like this… litterally a Balding man (hairspray combover)
and your ok with it. Lets get started.

I have not seen Work that is outstanding from this over rated NY Doctor
No, Comparison to H&Wong, UMAR, Or DR B from Armani…

BTW. I never liked Coles work… Knowledge is only part of the equation… Cole has
no artistry.

thoughthe guy does look happy in the pic. and thats all that counts

My approach, I would have told him the more dense route would be following
your current hair line in the top pic and fill that baby in.

So, Yes If I ever venture to the HT graduating class I would ask the doctor
who in your arsenal has my profile… show me my potential results.

It will be helpful if you also share the number of grafts this patient had for the 2nd and 3rd sessions.

Right now we only know that he had 1970 grafts for the first session.

Edit - if I’m not mistaken, you (44guy) think his transplanted hairline should have been more mature and recessed, which would allow more density because of a smaller area being grafted. Fair criticism, and good point!

I believe that “mature” recessed hairlines are usually the best choice, all things considered. So if that’s your position too, then we agree. In fact, you are right on this one, and you saw something basic which I totally missed. Good call. Even if Bernstein would have split the difference between the original hairline and the new one (just raised it an inch or more, with more recessed temples) it would have conserved thousands of grafts. The end result would be less see-through, and a more dramatic improvement.

Enough with this “shaved head” crap. Not everyone likes that look or considers it a livable solution.

Most of the time when I see a shaved head, it’s obvious from the shadow on the back and the sides that the guy did it because he’s got male pattern baldness.

Further, it’s not an acceptable look in certain circles.

And in any case will likely be even less acceptable generally and become dated looking when the rest of the world moves on from the shaved head fad, to a different generational taste in hairstyles, leaving only the mpb’s still shaving their heads.

And finally, the only guys who look OK with a shaved head are usually guys who are pretty ugly to begin with, resulting in an attempt to appeal to the “bulldog” aesthetic: like a bulldog, so ugly it’s somehow appealing.

Doesn’t look like a norwood 7 to me, maybe a 5, but not a 7 because the hair on his sides and back is still growing pretty high up. A norwood 7 would have just a narrow fringe of hair circling his head just above ear level.

In any case, he looks better after the transplants and without that stupid beard that made him look like an old goat.

Yes Arfy you got it… Thats what I was thinking more so zones 3.4.5 He could have
had a nice spiky hair do. With some Pigmentation he is golden.

Ahab, Why would you want to spend a fortune to look like a
guy that needs a hair transplant. I can see some guys dont like a slick look. Neither
do I, but a stubble look would beat this comb over.

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by HairSite[/postedby]
It will be helpful if you also share the number of grafts this patient had for the 2nd and 3rd sessions.

Right now we only know that he had 1970 grafts for the first session.[/quote]Apologies, this is 1,970 follicular unit grafts after 1 session. The 4th and 6th images are mislabeled. There were no second and third transplants.