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Northeastguy Progress Video

This video is second in a series of videos featuring our strip scar repair patient known in the forums as “Northeastguy”. He’s now approximately 6 months away from the 1 year mark of his 2nd. repair surgery. Full results are expected by the 12 month mark as a general rule. Just to review… On June 18, 2012, Northeastguy, received 1244 CIT scalp hair grafts into his two strip scars. On May 17, 2013, he received an additional 200 grafts into his scars to improve hair density and uniformity. This video demonstrates spectacular growth at just 6 months post-op. Scalp donor hair preservation is always a priority with patients and is given careful evaluation and consideration at Dr. Cole’s clinic. A great alternative source of hair is beard hair taken below the jawline. Northeastguy was concerned about scarring so he opted for a small 25-graft test session just to see how the extraction sites heal. Now 7 days after surgery he is amazed at the healing. He told me the extraction sites disappeared and he can’t even see them in the mirror.

Here’s the progress video.

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