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NON SHAVING FUE Result with Dr. Baubac of Alvi Armani


Non Shaving FUE Result with Dr. Baubac of Alvi Armani

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Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi is known for his FUE Hair transplants, Dense Packing and FUE Hairline Restoration.

This particular patient had 1,310 grafts FUE in a NON SHAVING procedure to reinforce the hairline and add density.


Post op



Any price difference between shaving and non shaving?


He had a full head of hair even before surgery.



Sure, many people would be happy to have his head of hair before his procedure. But, he was loosing density, thickness and styling options, and he decided to have a smaller non shaving session to add density to his frontal region and hairline.

His hair is now thicker, giving him more styling options. That is the beauty of the FUE procedure and especially a non shaving FUE session, someone can increase their density without having to shave their head to do it or having the scarring in the donor region from a strip procedure.


Here are two more photos of his result:


This patient came in for a PRP session today. We were able to take an updated photo of his hairline result today by Dr. Baubac

1,310 grafts fue hairline work by Dr. Baubac
click on image for high resolution photo