No Shave FUE or Non-shaven FUE as I originally called it

Tonight I watched the ultimate in hypocrisy watching Dr. Daniel Danyo promote his no shave FUE on an internet radio program hosted by someone, who calls himself a consumer advocate. In this segment, Dr. Danyo stated that the non-shaven FUE procedure had been out for about four and one-half years, which is a complete fabrication. The non-shaven FUE procedure began in 2003 when I invented it. Dr. Danyo went on to say that he is promoting his practice as the only clinic dedicating itself to the no-shave FUE procedure. His claims are ridiculous because for almost ten years I have stated that the non-shaven FUE procedure is the procedure of the future. I have taught this method to numerous doctors all over the world beginning in 2008, and I wrote the definitive non-shaven FUE paper on non-shaven FUE in 2015. Patients from all over the world come to me for the non-shaven FUE procedure and I have performed more non-shaven FUE procedures than any doctor in the world. Dr. Danyo has nearly no results on his website. That’s not a good sign. Why would anyone recommend a physician with almost no results on his website? I guess money. Dr. Danyo certainly has zero no-shave results on his website. Dr. Danyo can’t even give credit to me for allowing him to watch my surgery and give him advice. Listening to his tales of how he performs FUE, I certainly would not recommend anyone go to him anytime soon because Dr. Danyo simply does not have the experience. When a physician grandstands his skills despite a lack of results, it’s a terrible sign. He may be good in time, but for now, he is beginning his practice.

This program underscores the problems related to individuals, who claim to be patient advocates, patient mentors, consumer advocates, and the like. All of these people promote only the physicians, who pay them to support them. These advocates also fail to elicit the truth and fail to correct false information. I also find it hypocritical that these so called advocates scare patients to death with concerns about going to any physician the advocates do not recommend. Some of the least desirable people a patient can go to are the physicians these advocates support.

Dr. Danyo can change the name of non-shaven FUE to the no shave FUE procedure, but this does not modify the history. Nor does a name change give him any more experience than he has in reality.

We can’t listen to these advocates, mentors or reccomendation sites. The information is rubbish and meant to promote only those physicians, who pay them to promote them.

The first physician I taught the non-shaven FUE technique to was Michael Kyu-Ho Lee, MD of South Korea. Experience makes him the second most experienced non-shaven FUE surgeon in the world. Check him out. He is good. He has good hands. He’s not a novice like a physician promoted by our so called patient advocates. Dr. Lee is outstanding. How many years will it take a beginner with no posted results and a slow, clumsy approach to be good? Too long! Why be a guinea pig. Find the best guys in the world to do your surgery. It is up to you to do the research. You can’t depend on people, who take money to recommend physicians primarily advocates that make money to promote novices.

Thus, what I am planning to do is to start a live program to highlight the top physicians in the world free of charge to these doctors. The only time you will see us bring a bad doctor on the program will be if he agrees to respond to why he or she consistently gets such bad results. Along the way, we will interview some of the top physicians and researchers in the world. We will get inside their head and ask the right questions based on the reality and not the pretend world of hair loss advocates and mentors. We hope to set the record straight along the way. You must remember that the top physicians in the world do not pay these promoting clowns to advocate their practices. Only physicians desperate for patients pay these profiteers. If you are desperate for patients, this means you are not very good. The excellent doctors have plenty of patients without the need to affiliate with mentors and advocates that promote the less than optimal physicians. Let’s face it. If you are very good at your craft, why would you pay someone to promote you along with many other physicians, who are not very, very good?

Let’s analyze what is happening in my backyard. I am the most experienced FUE surgeon in the world regarding the number of cases. Of course, Dr. Woods has performed FUE longer. However, I refuse to pay a patient advocate because he promotes strips, robotic surgery, and some untalented physicians. So what has this advocate done? He began to promote a novice to compete directly with me. What advocate would promote a novice physician in FUE? Promoting me is a win for patients. Promoting a novice is a disservice to patients.

There was a time when these so called patient advocates began to cleanse the filth of our industry by getting rid of pluggers. These advocates found a way to make money and these advocates are desperately clinging to this method though the industry is passing them.

I advocated FUE when few did. Today, I have taught FUE to more physicians than any other physician in the world. Along the way these same supporters told me that FUE was not a good procedure and that the results were not good. As more and more patients bailed out on strips, these advocates had no choice other than to embrace FUE. Strip doctors had no choice other than to embrace FUE even though I showed the world great results in 2004 and 2005. No physician and no advocate wanted to change sides. Then we began to teach a new breed of physicians in 2003 and these physicians embraced FUE. Patients across the globe accepted FUE. Only ten plus years later did these patient advocates and mentors begin to acknowledge FUE because, without acknowledging FUE, these clowns would be out of business. Now these same FUE naysayers or patient advocates promote FUE, but these financially incentivized individuals support FUE by the novices and by those that employ nurses to perform their FUE. It is a travesty, and those that helped to rescue the industry from plugs and mini-grafts are now promoting FUE by novices, bad doctors, and robots across the globe. These advocates have traded their souls for profits and unsound advice. Those that once saved patients are now hurting patients for a fee. It is hypocrisy and a disgrace.

Our show will expose these people and promote the best doctors. We will not take a fee to support the best doctors. We will just promote them. We will encourage those that are useful in strips and those that are good in FUE. If you missed the boat jumping on the FUE wagon early, you can’t expect us to promote you without proven results. I don’t’ mean results your nurses produce. We will demote these guys concerning FUE. By the way, I’m not a fan of strips and we will discuss this along with cell based therapy, as well. The program will be far more informative and objective than other programs and websites.

The no shave technique of FUE is much harder than the shave technique. It takes years to become good with this. I have 14 years of experience in the non-shaven FUE technique, so I know. We performed two cases of over 2000 no shave procedures this week already. We have so much experience doing this that the no shave technique is equal to the shaven technique in my hands. Novice physicians, who are struggling to perform this procedure, will not produce equal results especially until they master the shaven technique of FUE.

Happy to report that our live radio program will be ready to roll in 3 to 4 weeks. It’s going to be fantastic. I look forward to a great interaction.