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No one can understand good transplantation but people can understand bad ones

Nowadays, thousands of people are suffering from the hair loss. The main concern is how to treat the hair loss. Many of them decide to turn to hair transplant to get back their hair.

Here we come to the important question:

How to define a good hair transplant? How to choose your doctor for your hair transplant?

To answer to those questions, the patient needs to know the basics: the hair transplant has the purpose to cover the baldness area by removing the hair from the donor area (the back side of the head). The hair transplant techniques has been changed and improved.

The hair transplant is a medical act must be practiced by a specialist Surgeon. This will affect the result. The hair transplant is a solution for the baldness: it is all related to the pattern of loss, the Norwood scale, the hair loss type, the age and the health statute of the patient.

When the patient does his research to find a doctor or a clinic to perform his hair transplant, there are important highlights factors. First factor is avoiding the hard sell clinic. Choose a clinic where a specialist surgeon performs the surgical acts not nurses. Get the information about the technique of the harvesting used at the clinic.

There really is no such thing as “the best” when it comes to finding a good hair transplant doctor: it all about the donor area capacity and the baldness level. The patient should know that the graft removed from the back cannot produce a hair on that zone as they remove them to the recipient area. The maximum grafts can be transplanted per session is 3500-4000 grafts. When it comes to the transplantation: The first line will be transplanted by single hair to get the natural look then Dr Arslan will implant the double and the multiple hair to get the maximum density possible

How to define a bad hair transplant?

The failure of the hair transplant is possible. The signs are: the donor area is damaged due to the extraction of high number of follicles. The hairline`s shape which not suitable for the face morphology of the patient. The double and multiple hairs implanted on the hairline.

It is easier to understand a bad hair transplant from the good ones. What the patient should keep in mind is that no technician can be considered the best hair transplant surgeon because hair transplant surgery must be performed only by a specialist doctor.

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