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Nizoral 2% Shampoo


So I have been using Nizoral 2% since november 2008 now and it has made my hair thicker in the front a bit. I decided to switch it up during the week with Tea Tree Shampoo . So 2wice a week i use tea tree then the other days used Nizoral…i did this for 3 weeks…now my hair in the front right has gotten thinner and flat feeling…so i went back to nizoral 2 % only…now i heard that after 6 months of use you can shed a bit on nizoral and then after month 8 it really starts working and growing hair…i think hte tea tree shampoo and nizoral weekly alternating made my hair “used to” the shampoo and making flat…anyone have experience this before? will my hair go back to normal like it was a month ago…it looks like how it was before i started niz2% …right corner of hair see through while the rest of the hair line is okay…really strange…