Niostem's IGG Campaign finally live!

Hey guys,
Niostem’s offering the first smart wearable to regrow hair - and their Indiegogo campaign is finally open today (…-in-6-months#/)! Their “Super Early Bird” discounts are running out soon, so I just got myself their discount… Fingers crossed that we get an amazing product by October/November. Their chat support was also super helpful with payment steps. Anyone else jumping on this deal???

I think it is very nice for the hair loss treatment to regrow hair .

@mania It will very soon make hair transplants obsolete, creating massive unemployment in hair transplant clinics worldwide!

roger… do you believe this treatment will make norwood 6 revert to norwood 2 ?

As per their IGG campaign info, they say that the device would be best for people suffering from the early to mid-stages of pattern baldness (Norwood scales 1-5), so not sure how effective it’d be for Norwood 6. but again, YMMV :slight_smile:
They’ve seem to generated a ton of interest so I’m quite excited ahaha

I hope your right roger

Has it been approved by the FDA?

@MikeWoz How does this compare to microneedling?

What has you convinced that this is an effective treatment?

Judging from past hairloss treatments and hype over last 20 years,chances are it wont be very effective,par for the course so far.

I think we need to know more facts. The doctor who invented it seems reputable and has good credentials, but the way he’s marketing it through social media and forum posts raises some doubts.

I checked with the company by email last week requesting papers or scientific data. The system is based on low eletric pulses. They couldn´t supply me any paper refering to his product. They just refered me to other articles/papers about low electric pulses and its benefits. I would like to believe that this will work, but i think they do not have any study yet or scientific evidence about what they are claming

Another question is how long do you have to wear it? would guess for it to have any noticeable effect you’d have to wear it almost continuously, but most people wouldn’t be able to do that.

Haven’t heard anything about this for quite a while.

@MikeWoz did you receive the device?

OMG, I don’t believe it, it’s just some dude who came along and claimed that electrical stimulation could grow our hair back, where is the science and hard data behind this?

This guy just made himself a millionaire overnight with this :thinking: has anyone started using the machine yet?

@Myhair1 yes I see that on the funding site !!! are people really that desperate nowadays? I have not seen any evidence or research papers that back up their claims, all they did was to put the word “stem cells” in their sales pitch and BAM, a millionaire !

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If you look, you will find that it likely is not available for purchase. My guess is that this type of device has to obtain FDA approval for safety as it uses electrical power. If someone has been able to buy it, I’d like to hear some feedback.

@fordham I think you are right, the company is in Germany so that’s probably how they can get away with this, no FDA approval required and they can claim that the device activates stem cells to regrow hair with no proof???