Niostem IB Times Article

Hey guys,

Just came across this new article giving more info about the German startup Niostem (Niostem Launches The World's First Device To Reverse Hair Loss | IBTimes). They seem to have revamped their website as well (How it works – niostem) giving detailed insights into how their tech works as well as legit links to scientific papers. I’ve made a pre-order today (as they seem to be available for the first 500 people, so FOMO, sue me), and am optimistically expecting great things! Has anyone else done the same?

It’s a medical device, so it would need FDA approval to be sold in the U.S. I looked at their website and didn’t see any information about whether they filed an application for FDA approval. You might be waiting for quite a while before it’s approved.


It’s very useful and interesting article about the FDA approved medicines.