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Niostem Hair Regrowth Solution

Hey guys,

Just came across this article in MarketWatch about the German startup Niostem (Niostem: The Revolutionary Solution for Hair Regrowth - MarketWatch). They seem to be gaining momentum with news sites picking up their story. I also checked on their website and saw that pre-orders are officially open, with priority and early access to the first 500 customers (Reservation – niostem). Does anyone know more about this or made a pre-order yet? Seems to be quite interesting for the price offered!

That press release from Niostem has a little bit better explanation of the product, but still not much. It says they use “low level electrical stimulation” which seems better than some sort of UV or other light because I think it has a significantly lower chance of causing DNA mutations, which as I mentioned above, would in fact age the skin and the hair follicles prematurely and in the longer term, counteract any hair stimulating properties by actually causing more hair loss.

It’s interesting, though that when you click on the hyperlink that says “low level electrical stimulation” in the story, it does NOT direct you to an explanation of the details of that. Instead you are directed to links to join a waiting list to get the product.

Also there are some enthusiastic statements they make like saying this technology will make hair loss “a thing of the past!” As it says at the top of the “article”, this is a press release rather than a researched news story by a journalist.

If it’s just electrical stimulation of the scalp, that’s not irradiating the cells with energetic photons, so it would not cause significant DNA damage, in my view. But, I’d like to hear some opinions from experienced scientists about that.

Frankly I’m still a little bit skeptical though. Haven’t there been devices to electrically stimulate the scalp to stop hair loss/cure baldness in the past? Does Niostem have any before/after photos?

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Does anyone know when this device is supposed to hit the market and the price of it? This would be a game changer if it works.

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I am not sure about the Niostem hair regrowth solution…

So according to their website, preorders are now officially open and customers that make the purchase now will get the device in approx. 6 months. Preorders are $25 but the first 500 customers get huge discounts on the final price of the product. The price with a discount should be somewhere around $900 I believe!

When I checked their website this morning, they have seemed to have updated their before/after pictures from what they were before - IMO definitely an improvement!

The pictures are not bad… There are not many photos there, though. I’d like to see more.

Where did you come up with a $900 purchase price?

Why would you want to give them $25? What if the product is not approved by the FDA? I doubt you’d get your money back.

I emailed customer support at Niostem to inquire about the price, this is what they told me with the pre-order offer and estimated time to market. As for FDA approval, don’t think they have gotten it yet but I’m sure they are working on it - and they must have done testing according to strict EU standards.

FDA approval is a wild card, difficult to obtain. If this product works, it would cut into sales for Finasteride and the hair transplant business, etc. Those businesses will probably try and torpedo this product, again, if it really works. It seems almost too good to be true based on what has been written.

Whether the device works or not it will be hard for the FDA to control. With that said, the FDA is as corrupt as most of our agencies now. They too are politicized and owned by big pharma. Just look at NMN what they have done with the supplement. Once approved, forcing you to buy it through big pharma. As everything else else they touch it will take years and be expensive like most drugs taken in the US. I did secure a spot. We shall see. My be like all the others promises, a bit joke!

Corporate corruption is just flat out destroying this country,they’ve degregated every aspect of our lives,the food,standard of living,everything is a lot worse because of these corporate bastards,and they are just laughing while they screw us over,whatever happened to accountability?

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