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Niostem Device Pre-Orders Opened

Hi guys,

This German startup I have been recently following called Niostem (they used to be Mane Biotech before) seem to be ramping up the journey to their product launch which helps hair regrowth. I checked today and they’ve already opened up pre-orders (Reservation – niostem). Thinking of getting a reservation but wanted to find out people’s thoughts on this, or if anyone already had made a pre-order. Could be interesting…

If anyone has any info it will be much appreciated! TY :slight_smile:

It seems to be backed by good science but I just don’t like the way they solicit what they call Deposit Reservation for a fee !!!

I don’t know anything about this, but I am always put off when I see shenanigans with before/after photos. The first Before/After is clearly a difference in lighting. The light in the Before photo is obviously brighter than in the After photo, so the hair looks (BARELY!) denser in the After because the light isn’t penetrating as clearly onto the scalp. The second Before/After photo doesn’t really show any improvement that I can see.

Was this company actually set up by Dr. Carlos Chacon, or are they just implying it was by linking to a lot of his research?

They don’t even give a good description of how the technology works. Are they using light, or some other kind of EM radiation?

In general the problem I have with using light or radiation is that, independent of whether or not it can stimulate follicles (I think most research has indicated that yes, it DOES stimulate hair follicles to some extrent), it also has a secondary longer-term effect, which is to create or promote point mutations in the DNA.

Any point mutations in DNA would very likely hurt your chances of growing more hair long-term, and as more light (or radiation) is directed on the scalp, those mutations would accumulate, damaging the follicles (and everything else in the scalp - blood vessels, connective tissue, immune cells, etc.) more and more…

So, while you will get increased hair growth in the shorter term, eventually, all the DNA damage will accumulate and HURT your hair follicles, causing more hair to fall out and eventually you’ll lose most or all of the gains you had made, and actually end up worse off than when you started.

Good questions :+1: more questions than answers

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