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Nicky Law English Footballer has Scalp Pigmentation with Vinci Hair Clinic


Nicky Law, ex Glasgow Rangers and now Bradford City Football player had Micro Scalp Pigmentation at our Glasgow Clinic


Nicky scores his first goal for Bradford City, congrats to him.


this is tattoo or something else ?


Hi Myles,

Yes a tattoo but not in the conventional sense of body art tattoo. Micro Scalp Pigmentation uses a medical grade pigment, there is no colour but variants on contrast from high to low. A tiny needle approximate size of a hair injects the pigment just below the upper skin layer, the pigment settles over 10 days to a month when it will start to fade, and then is built up over a number of sessions, normally three, until the desired contrast is made and blending with your natural hair. In skilled and artistic hands a new hair line is created and even advanced hair loss stages can be made to mimic a full, just shaved head of hair.



Correct me if I am wrong, I believe most SMP are marketed as temporary, I suppose it is the same for the procedures at your clinic?

@Myles tattoo is usually permanent, most SMPs are temporary and fade over time.


@hairsite and @myles our scalp pigmentation generally last 3-5 years before any significant fading occurs and a touch up is required. There is a version offered by others that lasts much less time. How well the pigment settles and the result stays solid can depend on a number of factors, skin characteristics, for example into scar tissue can be more demanding, and the time scale between sessions, some can have sessions closer together and maintain a solid result whereas others benefit from a a month or so between sessions until the final result is achieved.


@Vinci_Hair_Clinic and @HairSite Thanks. it’s a big plus that it is temporary so I will not be stuck with this forever in case a better treatment comes along but it also spooks me when I see the word “fade” which means the pigments are not likely to completely and evenly disappear over time, correct? Last thing I want is to have uneven patches of discoloration all over my scalp, that would be worse than going bald.


@Myles, some of your concerns are not entirely unfounded, patchiness for example. This comes down to the quality of the pigment and the quality of the technician performing your treatment, then this is not an issue. If the quality of the pigment is high then over time it will naturally fade evenly without leaving trace to the naked eye, patchiness can be down to the pigment and the technician applying it, varying depths the pigment is placed for example. So, although it can occur if you research you should find a clinic that delivers a natural hair line design, and has years of experience in providing consistently high quality natural results.


@Myles ask @Dr_Arvind to show you his arm and see what it looks like now, I remember he did an experiment on his arm with SMP or trichopigmentation a long time ago, I too am curious how it looks now and whether it really does fade.


@Vinci_Hair_Clinic I don’t remember the name off hand but some clinics claim to use organic ink , what’s your take on that?


Hi @helpmeout, I’ve not heard of any pigmentation provider using totally organic pigments, they all have a degree of organic material but totally organic. I would assume there is a high chance of colour change and possible blurring of the lines. Would be interesting if you remembered the name.


@Norwood3 @Dr_Arvind paging Dr Arvind if you are reading this :slight_smile: