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NEW YEAR RESOLUTION of Dr. A's Hair Restoration Centre


We take a pledge to spread awareness of correct/right hair transplant and prevent young hairloss sufferers from bad/wrong hair transplants.

And those who already have undergone a bad hair transplant, we are here to correct that for FREE*

Please submit your pictures (top, both sides, back, front and donor area) with complete details (Name, address, phone number, history of last hair transplant procedure, method, number of grafts etc).

We will select one patient and accept the challenge to correct the worst case.

And there is no “catch”. Your details will be confidential and you do not need to post the progress on forums. No strings attached.

*Minimum charges applicable

Dr. A’s Hair Restoration Centre
Visit Website : www.fusehair.com
Email : contact@fusehair.com
Toll Free: 1800 11 2343

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FREE ? but only for people seeking repairs?


Yes! only for the worst of the worst case.


I need this even if its not free.


Hello @Walt21
We have gone through your hair transplant history and pictures posted by you on the forum.
Let us know your priorities?
Please visit our repair hair transplant patient gallery for similar cases being repaired by Dr. A’s Clinic http://fusehair.com/hair-transplant-photogallery/patient-gallery/repair-hair-transplants-photogallery/
Please share your pictures of the donor areas (scalp, beard, body) at contact@fusehair.com or you can also consult us through skype: hair.consult


There have been innumerable cases in past few weeks.
This is one of the cases that qualifies… this is not our result btw.
This is a patient who went to a renowned hair transplant chain clinic.

Patient’s own words "Hardly any result, depleted scalp donor and nothing in terms of result even though I thought I was going to one of the best in hairline designing"

Now, we have hardly any donor left to help this patient.
See the pictures yourself and let me know if there are any questions. The new year resolution is for a limited period only.


You are a good doctor doing this to help people. I haven’t had any work done yet but I will keep Dr. A in mind if I ever need free repair work one day :slight_smile:


Dear readers,
Here is another case.
See the results for yourself and the lack of results from untrained doctors… depleted donor, wrong angles, patchy areas of extraction
Pictures speak

Dr. A



Past patient “Top Shiny” testimonial Video


Wow Its Free Totaly ?