New Topical from Asia (using many familiar ingredients) with a couple of pics;30630106;

This OOkisa product is supposedly for women.
There are a couple of pics on that link. One isn’t very convincing, but the other really does look like an improvement

The ingredienst are very familiar:
Kaou (White Peony Tea)
Known as the “King of all flowers” for its ability to soothe and condition the scalp.

Niiro Cha (Rooibos Red Tea)
Middle Asian tea leaf stimulates circulation to scalp and hair follicles for enhanced brilliance.

Yuzu (Japanese Citrus Extract[/b])This is just limonene guys…90% of oragne oil is limonene, and most other citrus oils are majority limonene also. Central to the Japanese Winter Soltice bathing ritual. Promotes lasting shine and radiance.

Yuri (Water Lily)Centuries-old Asian remedy calms and soothes the scalp, especially with irritation due to hair styling products. This is the only one that hasn’t been discussed much on hair forums, new to me…

Tsubaki (Camellia Oil) (Camellia is just tea)
Once reserved only for Geishas and Samurai. Legendary for advanced moisturizing and fortifying with increased length and volume.