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New revolutionary DHI unshaven HT technique


Hi to all members,
It is with great pleasure to announce that our new unshaven extraction technique is now available in all European DHI clinics. The following video, presents our unshaven extraction technique step by step. With this technique there is no need to shave your head not even in line zones. This technique is a must for people that do not want to shave or have visible signs on their scalp after their HT.
The doctor works all over the donor area, as it is explained in the related video and if the patient returns for more sessions the whole procedure is repeated again. The doctor is capable to distinguish the part of the donor area that had been worked in previous sessions.
The size of the punches used is between 0,8-0,95mm, in some cases we use also 0,7 (thin hairs, single hair grafts etc) and in rare cases (multi hairs grafts, curly and thick hairs) we use 1 mm punches.
In DHI we charge by the session (time) and not by grafts. A Mega sessions last around 6-7 hours and on average we can extract around 1500 grafts (depending mainly on the donor area). The unshaven procedure does not have different cost, however, the grafts extracted with this method are less (on average 1200 on a Mega session).


That’s a great option for a lot of people. What sort of results have you been getting?


Hi gambler,
The same great results.On average a 95% success rate on graft survival (in some cases this goes upto 97%). The only restriction (if I can say so) is that with this method we can extract less grafts than the number on a shaven procedure in the same patient. On average we can extract around 1200 grafts in one unshaven session.


How come this was never possible till now? what changed?


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by NeverAgain[/postedby]
How come this was never possible till now? what changed?[/quote]

I thought Dr Woods never required shaving and he’s been doing it for 20 years or so?


@ never again and hairdar,

This technique was not possible some years ago due to the size of the extraction tools. Furthermore it needs great skills by the doctor who will perform this in order to extract the maximum amount of grafts. it might be available in other doctors or clinic, but it is available now at DHI after a long test period in which we survey and perfected all the necessary parameters.


FYI, Dr. Cole has been doing the no-shave technique for many years now.


It’s great to hear that some other doctors are performing totally unshaven sessions. It would be interesting though to see some of their videos and have some more details about their technique (eg number of grafts extracted per day etc) in order to have a more solid opinion about it.


Is it true that DHI is also doing PRP ? Does it mean that you are a believer of PRP now?


We are proposing to all of our patients PRP during the session in the donor area, as we have observed amazingly faster and better healing after its application (in some cases after 3 days you cannot observe any sign).
We have also developed a protocol for PRP in order to slow down hair loss and retain the existing hairs of the problematic areas as much as possible. Until now we have performed this protocol to more than 100 patients and the results are very promising. We will publish these results very soon.

So overall, yes, we propose the use of PRP to our patients.