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2nd part

Your posts aren’t related to hair multiplication. Start a blog if you want to share your pictures. You’re abusing this forum.


How are you ?
I have been reading/writing in this forum since at least 2004 and I dont know you !!!

I am doing in vivo HM and I suggest that you go do some readings before formulating such statements.

Please go back to the log of this forum and you will see that I have written the post about organization of different research lines in the industry.


I think I have 2 glands to treat through my ‘local surgery’.
I developed a kind of natural bio-chemical indicator that allows me to find them and ‘explose’ them…
You can see the 2 glands in my log of pictures…

Amilcar, I’m not sure how site seniority has anything to do with whether or not your posts are what this forum is for. However, if that IS somehow the case, I have been coming here since 1998. I’ll let you do the math.
Since I have seniority, I guess that makes me right in your eyes.
Glad that’s settled. :+1:


Do not worry !

What if PB is a (germs issue - T) ?

I am using dentifrice for the hair scalp cuir-chevelu and that gets it in a good shape almost a baby’s scalp.

I’ve been coming to this site and this forum for over 20 years and I’m pretty sure most people here don’t want to look at your ugly scalp.

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I think someone has agitated/manipulated you !

Ingesting/ingestion of specific tissue is it ethical ?!!

Yes your right,that would be you,your offering nothing here,and you shouldn’t be posting your lame so called remedies on this forum,most of the potion lotion morons have left this forum at least,you should join them.

How old are you ?

Amilcar, your hundreds of repetitive photos with no visible hair growing on your bald areas are making a fool of you. Your discussions of all natural regimens or whatever you’re talking about do not belong on this forum. The correct question should be, “How old is Amilcar”? Can’t you see that no one is interested in this stuff?

Your absolutely right Roger that.

What the hell are these pics about?? I dont get it

Hello Roger_that,

This is not the meaning and spirit of the discussions we used to have many years ago (around 2004) about ‘new’/rejuvenated/De-nuovo hair.
You go back please to pictures postes days/weeks ago and you will see that there was no hair shafts around the thin wound.

Please reformulate.

Amilcar ,can you post before and after photos side by side ? It will be easier to tell that way whether there is improvement or not.

I agree with Roger_That, nobody wants to see your ugly bald, scarred head, there is no hair growth and your photos have nothing to do with this forum.

Amilcar you should have respect for others and post them in the right forum or keep them all in one thread. But frankly you should get the hint when people say they don’t want to see your nasty pics.

You’re just spamming this forum and not contributing anything new. If there were any admins with brains around here they’d delete your posts. Seems you’re mentally ill and desperate for attention.

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Hello epiker0,

Why you are so Violent ???