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New here need some guidence


Hey all,

I have read this forum on and off for years but never signed up. So now I’m here and have started to absorb what’s going on. Just need some lessons on where to post and how to be a good member here.

I was drawn here by the recent tv attention paid to resveratrol and grabbed the first junk I could find at a store. Hoping to learn more here by reading. Also wondering where to get the “pure of pure”.

I also just got back on Dutas and probably should have never stopped propecia but I’m back in the game and want to do everything possible to maintain and grow.

so any advice on my regiment will be awesome and I will continue reading through the threads looking for cool info on the dutas

Sorry to barge in and I’m sorry if I’ve posted incorrectly. If so please tell me how to get involved properly.


Well the only things FDA approved to slow down / stop hairloss is Propecia / FIN and Rogaine. I would star by getting on both of those and sticking with them.