New FUE Tool Invention for Tightly Curled Afro-textured Hair; 1600 Grafts - Dr U


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For years, patients with curly and textured hair, predominantly African-American patients, had limitations when it came to consistent and successful FUE surgeries. Dr. U recently invented his UPunch Curl extraction device to revolutionize how FUE is done in patients previously deemed ineligible.
Patients who were previously unable to receive proper FUE surgery had the following issues:

• Tight curly hair
• Thicker skin
• Hair follicle connective tissue sheath to outer root sheath connection

But now, thanks to the UPunch Curl’s design and elimination of typical rotary mechanisms, patients who were once unable to enjoy the benefits of FUE Hair Transplantation can now get the full treatment they need.

The patient below used to be ineligible for traditional FUE surgery. The UPunch Curl enabled Dr. U to extract 1600 grafts in two sessions to provide a natural and fuller look. The patent-pending non-rotary functionality of the UPunch Curl allows Dr. U to extract from Afro-textured haired patients with tighter hair curls. The video of the patient is shown at the beginning of this post and his photos are presented below:


The photos above illustrate how the patient’s thick and curly hair were successfully transplanted to give him a natural and fuller head of hair. After only one year, the patient has a completely transformed look.
Read more about the UPunch Curl and why Dr U’s new invention is such a revolutionary tool in the world of hair transplantation, as well as the full results of this patient here:

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