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New Clinic - Bisanga and Cole Hair Transplant Clinic


It is with great pleasure to be able to announce the arrival of Bisanga and Cole Hair Transplant Clinic. Formed by two of the leading FUE surgeons today, coalition member Dr. Christian Bisanga and Dr. John Cole. The clinic is based in Athens, Greece and will be officially opening for its first patients on March 2017 of this year.

With Dr. Bisanga based out of Brussels, Belgium and Dr. Cole out of the U.S. Why Greece you may ask?

Well that’s a great question. Quoting Dr. Cole -

“Many patients are focused on price. This leads patients to clinics offering very low prices in countries that are often not as safe and with fewer government regulations to protect patients. For this reason, Dr. Bisanga and I decided to form a clinic with the express intent to offer price-conscious patients an alternative solution at “low” prices. We will personally supervise the surgeries to make sure patients get the best possible outcomes.”

As mentioned, Bisanga and Cole Hair Transplant Clinic are able to offer luxury hair transplant procedures from the industry leaders at extremely competitive prices.

Dr Cole went on to say -

“It looks like the first round of surgery starting March 27 will come in at 2.5 euro per graft. I’m sure happy to be involved in this opportunity.”

On a personal note, I am extremely honoured to be patient advisor to such highly esteemed hair restoration physicians, and in such a visionary project. Whilst new to the particular forum, some of you reading this may already be familiar with me from being active on other similar forums posting under the name Raphael84. My personal journey with hair loss is my motivating factor to getting involved with Bisanga and Cole Hair Transplant Clinic. Experiencing hair loss at a young age and being hugely effected by this, I struggled greatly with insecurity and a lack of confidence due to hair loss which several years later, eventually led me to a FUT procedure. The results definitely helped me to get back my confidence and unquestionably improved my day to day life. I aspire to be able to serve individuals, build relationships and offer honest and ethical advice, guidance and solutions for their hair loss concerns.

To be able to consider undergoing a FUE procedure with such ethical Doctors achieving such consistent quality results at this price point allows individuals, who may normally be priced out of choosing these physicians, accessibility to their expertise.

If anybody has any interest, questions or queries regarding this new project, don’t hesitate to ask.

Also, by all means contact me privately if I can assist you with anything or you would like to consult with the clinic.

Many thanks.


We now are ready to open the doors March 27 to April 2 to the first group of patients. Contact us and book your surgery:
Online consultation: https://bchairtransplant.com/online-consultation/
Email: consults@bchairtransplant.com
Website: https://bchairtransplant.com/


What does first group of patients mean? Is the new clinic taking on patients during specific dates or periods only?


Yes, for now we have specific dates, pease contact for more:https://bchairtransplant.com/online-consultation/


Thanks for sharing the inforamtiion


Thats our pleasure @julia_tom.
As previously mentioned the opening weeks schedule will be March 27 - April 2 and surgery will be performed by Dr Cole.
Dr Bisanga will also be performing surgery for several days from April 15 - April 19.
It is very exciting right now and the Drs appreciate that the dates are within a reasonably short amount of time, and therefore are prepared to offer surgery at a lower price point. It is such a huge opportunity to be able to undergo surgery from two of the most ethical and experienced award winning physicians at such a reasonable price.


thnaks :slight_smile:


At first I thought this was just a franchise name using Dr. Cole’s brand but it sounds like Dr. Cole himself is actually performing the procedure at the new clinic?


Hola QuePasa!
Como estas?

You are correct. The first dates available dates at Bisanga & Cole Athens, surgery is to be performed by either Dr Bisanga or Dr Cole. Available dates are as follows:
Dr Cole - 27 March - 2 April
Dr Bisanga - 15 April - 19 April
Due to the dates being within a reasonably short period of time, Drs Bisanga and Cole are kindly offering an extremely discounted rate.

I for one can’t wait for the clinic to open and to begin showcasing its results. To have the opportunity to have surgery with either of these two world leading surgeons at such a competitive price is outstanding. These opportunities genuinely don’t come around very often.

If anybody would like more information or would like a free consultation, then get in contact.

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece


It’s a bit unrealistic for anyone to book a trip overseas with such short notice, aren’t we supposed to send in blood work before putting a deposit or confirming the date? What if my blood work shows that I am not qualified to have hair transplant?


It is reasonably short notice, I would agree.
But we have already received several confirmed schedules and much interest. Whilst I fully appreciate that will be too soon for many prospective patients, it also presents a great option for others.
Many individuals looking to have hair transplant surgery often make themselves available for “last minute” cancellations in order to receive a discounted surgery and that means that the clinic won’t have a day unscheduled with a full staff.

Also, when considering that FUE surgery is being performed by Drs Bisanga and Cole at the discounted rate of €2.50 per graft for these dates, is a motivation in itself. What an opportunity.

Regarding you question about blood work, Dr Cole for example doesn’t require blood work in healthy individuals.

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece


Out of curiosity, why do doctors ask to see blood work before taking on a HT patient? Do doctors turn down patients because they are HIV positive or any other conditions that make them not suitable for hair transplants?



Great name by the way.

You are absolutely right. Generally Doctors test for HIV and hepatitis.

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece


Wow , this is great. Two great docs. I wish I could meet them both one day.


They really are great docs and just have so much knowledge and experience. You should try and meet them. You would take a lot from it.

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece


Hola Raphael,

Read great reviews about the clinic. Great work they do.



Thank you. Appreciate the comment.
With just a matter of days to go until the first surgery, things are getting exciting.
Athens is going to please a lot of people.


@Raphael84 €2.50 per graft is for FUE only? What about body hair transplant? is BHT available ? Both Cole and Bisanga obviously do BHT


Is it true that we also need to add 24% VAT on top of 2.5 Euro per graft?


€2.50 per graft is what is being charged as a discounted rate for the first set of surgery dates that were available. Body hair has also been offered at €2.50 per graft for these dates. BHT will continue to be available in Athens.

No. No VAT will be charged.
“Exemptions in Greece are the provisions of services of a social or cultural nature such as medical services.”

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece
WhatsApp + 34 642 37 03 83