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New 2020 Dr. Baubac FUE Result - 3,500 grafts

This patient had 3,500 grafts fue + prp with Dr. Baubac in our Alvi Armani Beverly Hills Clinic to fully restore his hairline, frontal region and mid scalp. Below are his photos - www.alviarmani.com






What the hell?? Damnnn… baubac never fails to amaze. Wowwww

look at the transformation, at just 7 months…

after from the right side at 12 months

and the left side at 12 months

Wow, it doesnt get better than this, borderline miracle.

Amazing work, that is a very large area for 3500 hairs to cover.

Hi Pats205,

hey bro… mind posting the top of this guy’s head please? I’m considering Baubac now… Would like to check it out…

We will be posting more photos of this result when the patient comes in for updated photos in 6 months. Also a quick note, Dr. Baubac is currently booked solid18 months in advance, and is currently full through the end of November of 2022. As of today his next open procedure dates are in December of 2022. Just letting you know so you can plan well ahead if you are considering a procedure with him.

Wow… you gotta be kidding me. Until Dec 2022 ?? Damn thats rough. Thanks for letting me know

Yes, that is correct.

Have to admit, that looks quite impressive. Any noticeable scars on the back of the scalp?

I am not surprised, people are loaded with cash these days with covid relief assistance.

@Pats205 do you think there is actually more demand for hair transplants after Covid? for whatever reasons people wanted to fix their hair loss more so than before the pandemic?

yes, have you ever heard of revenge spending post covid?

A few reasons:

1- Hair restoration is becoming more socially accepted, more and more people are considering it an option

2- More people then ever before due to the pandemic are working from home, so people who have been considering and putting off the procedure for years because of down time in regards to returning to work and the office can now have this done, because they are working from home. They can hide it from work that they had it done.

3- The word has gotten out not just in the online community but all over the global hair transplant industry that Dr. Baubac is one of the very top hair restoration surgeons in the entire world. The demand for him these last 2 - 3 years has really skyrocketed as the word about him has spread.

These three combined reasons I would say are the biggest why we are now booking in to January of 2023 for Dr. Baubac.

Someone commented about Dr. Baubac’s fue yield on another thread, I have to agree, the yield is superb, great coverage with only 3500 grafts.

Thank you

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