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Need someones insight


Hi I am interested in getting an LLLT device for my personal use and I am deciding on a hair helmet.
After extensive research into many different devices, the one that strikes me as the one with the most potential is the helmet on overmachogrande com.
It does however raise a few questions that I need answered by anyone who knows anything about these things.
First Question:
He uses 5mW lasers. Is this the same strength that salons use or much less?
I’ve seen ones from Aculas that have 100mW so I’m just wanting to make sure its worth it.
Second Question:
He chooses to diffuse the laser which he believes will have some form of “blanketing” effect and will thus cover more area, which makes sense.
My only concern is, will it even penetrate the skin considering it has lost focus? And is also only a 5mW laser to begin with.
Third Question:
This is a similar question to the previous but i’ll ask it anyway.
He explains on the site that you have to use the device longer in order to adequately stimulate the cells but if I am having to do that it makes me wonder if it is even having the effect it should be.
If I have to use the laser for double the time, which isn’t really an issue, doesn’t that suggest it isnt effective? Will doubling the time on a device that isnt penetrating the skin as deeply as it should make any difference at all to stimulation?

Last Question
If I were to buy the lasers myself and the other parts, such as the helmet, would it be better to leave the lasers undiffused? Would the have greater effect?

Sorry for ramblin on but I am just trying to get some clarity so I make the right decision.

Anyone who can please help me with these issues it would be great.