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Need some advice!


Hi all. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask for advice, but here goes. I’m 38, over the last year or so I have noticed early stage male pattern baldness. My hair is getting thinner on top although the hairline hasn’t receded too much. Also it is getting thinner on the apex, but again the bald spot isn’t too large yet and still has some hair. I tried to ignore it and come to terms with it, but now I have decided I will try and make an effort to see if I can delay the progression.

One tricky thing is that male pattern baldness is really the least of my worries as I also have liver problems (fortunately this has been stable at the moment and my Dr is hopeful that it won’t get worse). However this means that it would be unwise to take a drug such as finasteride. So I’m pretty much limited to topicals.

I have started using Ketoconazole instead of regular shampoo, As this is easy to fit into my routine and also inexpensive. Should I add minoxidil now as well, or is it better to wait a few months and see what effect the Ketoconazole has?

Also the foam looks pretty good, and would seem to be easier to apply twice a day than the liquid which seems messier. How long does it take people to apply the foam? Is it just a minute or so?

One other thing is that I live in New Zealand. Minoxidil is available here without prescription but it is damn expensive. I have no idea why. Also the foam isn’t available here. I also have no idea why, so I would like to order it from a reputable supplier that ships internationally. Can anyone recommend a supplier. A lot of the places that turn up on the search seem to be somewhat dodgy. I would rather pay somewhat more and feel confident that I won’t have any issues with the supplier. Thanks for any help or advice you can offer.


I am of the opinion that all those topicals will do very little if you are using them alone and are not combining them with Fin.

I have used both the Rogain liquid solution and the foam, I much prefer the foam. It dires within 5-7 mintues and leaves my hair always feeling much thicker. Studies say up to 80% of men who use it twice a day will experience some regrowth, I don’t believe the percentage is at all that high, but it is worth a shot.


i agree with this guy.

largely pointless using rogaine without something to block the main culprit which is DHT. you are right about not using propecia if you have liver problems (it warns against that in the drug info).

if you still want rogaine foam, you can get the sh&t on ebay.

Or ask some guy here on hairsite to buy it for you and ship it from America. Since you are balding, you are part of the club and many members of this club would be happy to help you. Let me be the first to welcome you to this VERY exclusive club of (bald) gentlemen.