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Need Help Please


I hope I am in the correct forum,
I’ll keep this very short and to the point… I’m at the point where i need to source a Dr for either a hair transplant or something more cutting edge (example Multiplication, Stem Cell…etc)
I just dont know whats available so my question is this
Ive tried verything topical and internal and currently a norwood 3ish
Can you guys please recommend a Dr? I live in NY and leaning towards Dr Cole in Atlanta
but I would really value your opinion on him or anyone else
also, a new procedure thats showing promising results that I need to travel to
Figure if im going to do this why not go with the latest tech
Thank You in advance


There is nothing else. No stem cell BS, no cloning, no multiplication. Nothing. You have proven and not so proven topicals and internals and surgery. That’s it, so you instead of asking for suggestions start what should be a long process of learning. Don’t look at doctors first, look at procedures and determine which is best for you, strip or FUE but you have to understand why. Understand your future potential for loss, your family history and current age can help indicate this. Learn the terminology and by all means, do not rush into this because you feel you have to “fix” anything. You’re not broken, you have a NW3 hairline like about 500 million other men. Relax.

Use this glossary to get up to speed and reference it during your research.

Watch and subscribe to my Youtube channel to learn more.

And finally, just read everything you can get your hands on (figuratively) and absorb all you can.


Just sit tight, there is hope