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Need Help 6 procedures No Donor Left = Repair



This is my first post here, but had a previous account on older forum.

I have had 6 transplants minimal results and donor depleted. Now 40 and 20yrs trying get this right still haunting me. I wish i never heard of a hair tranaplant.

1999 strip by some no name guy 1000 grafts local. Alot marketing on tv an advertised to college kids. I was 20 at time when had this transplant and doctor and rep really talked me into it with thier sales pitch.

2001 strip with Dr Bernstein 1000 grafts removed old ones moved things around.

2004 fue Dr Cole 1000 grafts moved things around.

2006 fue dr cole 1000 grafts none really took and there was lot shock lost.

20015 fue Dr. Baubac alvi armani 2000 grafts some results and some shock lost

2016 fue True and Dorin 200_300 scalp 600 chest to mid scalp. Good results all hair seem to take snd chest hair is thick and resembles scalp hair.

After all this left with still some pluggy looking grafts doll hair on hairline. Weak hairline that needs softing and entire crown thinning and no temple points.

Is there anyone that can help!




Hello @Walt21

We have gone through your hair transplant history and pictures. We would like you to share the additional pictures of the donor areas (scalp, beard and body). Do not lose hope. This is not the first time that Dr. A’s Clinic has repaired a case with depleted donor area.
Let us know your priorities?
Please visit our repair hair transplant patient gallery for similar cases being repaired by Dr. A’s Clinic http://fusehair.com/hair-transplant-photogallery/patient-gallery/repair-hair-transplants-photogallery/
If you want you can share your pictures of the donor areas either through this forum or directly at contact@fusehair.com or you can also consult us through skype: hair.consult


I don’t see any plugs or doll like hairline.



oh those are plugs for sure !


Does look that bad? I had most my work with all top docs last 5 procedures this what im left with.


Unfortunately all procedures in usa when the inventor and teacher was in INDIA… destiny I think


The inventor of FUE and BHT was Dr. Ray Woods in Australia. It did not originate in India.


In Dr. Wood’s study,

  • The body hair were transplanted in between scalp hair and a myth was created that body hair takes on scalp hair characteristics which as we all know NOW that body hair retains its own characteristics.

In comparison, Dr. A’s case report (forum member- TopShiny, read topshiny’s story) was published in Indian Journal Of Dermatology, where only body hair were used on the scalp and they grew.

Now you make your decision as to who was the actual inventor of BHT and who created MYTHS.

We have done numerous cases including the world’s first study published in Indian Journal Of Dermatology

and Indian Journal Of Plastic Surgery.

In fact, beard hair to scalp transplant has also been invented and documented on hairsite’s archived forums and the poster goes by the name of FUEoptions and BHT results- Dr. A’s Clinic.

Hairsite itself has proved by giving Overall Top Ranked #1 Hair Transplant clinic in the World Award for 6 years in a row and you can see where the nearest doctors are. (In cricket language, we have given a follow-on to the nearest next doctor).

I hope this answers your question!


Dear readers,
Here is another case.
See the results for yourself and the lack of results from untrained doctors… depleted donor, wrong angles, patchy areas of extraction
Pictures speak

Dr. A


If you want to claim you invented something because you published a paper, then here is Dr. Woods’s entry about his use of body hair published in 2004 in the British Journal of Plastic Surgery, three years before you were published. Dr. Woods invented body hair transplantation as we know it today, the act of transplanting hair from the body to the scalp. He was performing body hair transplant procedures in the 1990’s, far earlier than your clinic ever picked up an FUE punch. This is an indisputable fact.

One does not have to be the inventor of something to be good at it so in the future, perhaps you can avoid making up stories and simply show your results and educate your patients.


Welcome Jotronic,
You know Dr Arvind Poswal does not respond to posts of paid so called patient “mentors”.
Correct? You ‘mentor’/push/shove prospective patients to certain select doctors. Are those doctors getting uncomfortable and are the real reason behind your current post.

What you have put above is only an abstract.

Read and please show the complete article so everyone can see the fraud.

  1. Was the patient a repair patient - YES
  2. Did his scalp recipient already have transplanted scalp donor hair - YES

Got my point?!
Now go fetch, I mean politely :slight_smile: , the complete article of dear Dr Woods and compare it with Dr Arvind’s article and pictures.
I hope you know the difference between abstract and complete case report.
In fact, Dr Arvind Poswal’s STUDY (not case report) on body hair to scalp transplant was also published in The Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery way back in 2013.
Where are those studies that should have followed?


This is what your website shows


No, I don’t get your point. You’re making false statements, I corrected you with facts, there is nothing else to discuss. You should also reconsider your comment about Dr. Wood’s published work being fraudulent. It is incredibly rude and factually inaccurate.

Your posts show two things.

  1. You don’t know what an abstract is. In order to show the full published paper, I have to purchase it, which isn’t worth it for me because the abstract represents the summary of the paper that was published. For most reasonable and sane people, this is more than enough. The patient being a repair patient shouldn’t factor into the presentation and it certainly does not invalidate the fact that body hair was used to successfully help a patient.

  2. Your screenshot of my website discredits your point because it shows that the only person that would really benefit from this debate, Dr. Woods, is not on my website.

This website, hairsite.com, acknowledges that Dr. Woods is the inventor of BHT. The same website that you so proudly display your award from for “most cases” posted. Is Hairsite, and the rest of the hair transplant community wrong?

It is best if you continue to show your work, help patients, educate readers and stop making claims that attempt to rewrite history. No need to get personal with your “fetch” comments. I wasn’t asking Dr. Poswal to respond. If I want to talk to him, as I have many times in the past, I can.


I will address and expose your lies one line at a time.
You think abstract is everything, then there must be some posters here who understand the difference between abstract and complete article.
The abstract does not show pictures.

We have exposed the lie that “donor hair take on scalp hair characteristics.”

Dear :slight_smile: respected emporer…whatever Dr. Wood’s complete article is worth USD35/-
You can not afford this because you yourself will be exposed. Do you want us to buy it for your reading pleasure or will you now do so.


Really, Joe the mentor. The least respect you should have shown is to ring up and talk to him.
But you of course work for his competitors and when things got too hot they are making you the fall guy. Do you have his phone number?


The least respect you should have shown is to ring up and talk to him.

I thought you said Dr. Poswal does not respond to “mentors” but now you’re suggesting I should have called him? :slight_smile: I like Dr. Poswal and Bharti is a lovely woman, but If I felt that this was so important that I should speak with Dr. Poswal, I would, but you are making these claims so that is why I’m addressing you.

The point that you seem to miss is that you’re claiming that Dr. Poswal invented BHT. My position is that this is not true. Instead of discussing it like an adult, you’ve chosen to call me a liar (about what, I have no idea) and you’ve suggested I cannot afford to purchase a scientific paper online. Aside from being incorrect, not to mention petty, it is completely outside of the scope of this debate and is merely an attempt to avoid the truth. Please stick to the facts. And I’ll remind you, the only one of us that works for a doctor is you. I work for myself.

The contents of the paper by Dr. Woods is irrelevant. He has documented a case of body hair transplanted to the scalp. That is a fact. It was before any paper by Dr. Poswal on the same subject. This is a fact. Dr. Woods has documented cases of body hair transplantation going back to the late 90’s. This is a fact. Spencer Kobren has personally seen the patient Timetested in, if I recall, 2001. This is fact. This very website in which we are discussing this issue recognizes Dr. Woods as the inventor of BHT. This too, is fact, and proven by the screenshot I provided. Is Hairsite.com lying? I don’t think so. If you do, then there may be a bigger problem at play here.

You can insult me, you can change the subject, and you can kick and scream and threaten to hold your breath till you turn blue, but the facts remain. Dr. Ray Woods is the father of modern FUE and is the inventor of body hair transplantation as we know it today. Everything else you present that does not address this is simply an attempt to avoid the truth of this discussion. You’re wrong, admit it, and stop making a fool of yourself.


The point you seem to miss is that Woods committed a fraud to attract patients much like Bazan and Gho with their hair multiplication by neither teaching other doctors (unlike Dr Arvind who trained you know which doctor from LA.) and by not putting the body hair in an isolated patch.
That is why even though it is so obvious that it is a fraud you have chosen this thread to preach
Hello, I am the old poster V.
Kindly spend USD 35/ and get the entire article instead of dillydallying around with sentiments and arrogance.

(Hope you will remember that the world’s first facial hair to scalp transplant was documented on hairsite since feb 2006 and that we are inventors of it or one day you will come up saying no even that was done by someone else.