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Need Dut


Can someone can give me a legit site where I can get some dutasteride,
I know that inhousepharmacy is a very legit website but they don’t accept MasterCard :(, don’t ask me to go for fin because i was already on it for a while and I want something stronger :smiley:
Thanx fellas!


Humm just a little question.
I’m on fin 0.2mg every day since 8 month, sincerely the first 3 month i got HUUUUUUUGE results but it seems that the drug is less effective,
should i go for 1.25mg proscar(fin) or go 0.5mg avodart(dut)?


unitedpharmacy, 4rx are i hear legit.

If you want to get a prescription, go to www.medicalwellnesscenter.com


You can buy original Avodart from this site http://proscar.tictail.com . They accept paypal so you can pay with mastercard. It is the lowest price for original avodart you are going to find, even lower than most of these fake indian made generic dutasterides that circle all around the net. Do not go for these “medications” cause you can’t be sure what are you taking in your body and if they actually contain Dutasteride. Don’t gamble with your health and go for the only legit alternative, you won’t regret it.