Natural Hairline Restoration via FUE - Rahal Hair Transplant - 2003 Grafts (4877 Hairs)

This patient underwent a FUE hair transplant procedure in the summer of 2020 with Dr. Rahal, receiving 2003 grafts (equivalent to 4877 hairs). The surgical details are outlined below:

Surgical Details

1-haired Follicular Units (FUs): 416
2-haired FUs: 566
3-haired FUs: 755
4-haired FUs: 266

Total Grafts: 2003
Total Hairs: 4877

Other pertinent information includes:

Recipient Area Size: 44.5cm²
Average Hairs per Graft: 2.4
Recipient Graft Density: 45
Recipient Hair Density: 109
Hair Calibre: 40-45 Microns

At the time of the procedure, the patient was 36 years old and had experienced gradual hair loss since his mid-20s. He began using Rogaine and finasteride a few months prior to the treatment and continued post-operatively. His family history includes hair loss on his maternal side, reaching a Norwood class 5/6.

The patient expressed satisfaction with his results at 10 months, and a subsequent in-person assessment at 11.5 months confirmed his continued happiness with the outcome.

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