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MyWHTC clinic, spending time to save embarrassment for repair


It’s ridiculous to need plug removal. The amount of time that is required to repair plugs is unpredictable. Some plugs are more difficult to repair than others. There are also many different forms of plugs because of the outdated methods of surgical hair restoration that are still being performed. Some plugs can be disguised and others must be removed.

Expert plug removal is extremely difficult to find because few clinics actually specialize in this corrective hair transplant procedure. Not many individuals can go to their nearest hair transplant doctor for top-notch hair transplantation, much less hair transplant repair. Too many bad hair transplant doctors make the process of repair far more difficult than it should be. The patients who seek repair already find it extremely hard to trust another surgeon and the unavailability of a good repair surgeon will impose even more heart ache for the hair loss sufferer.

After so much wasted time and hard earned-money spent, we tell all hair loss sufferers that it is also their responsibility to properly invest their time before making any decisions about surgical hair restoration. There are failed patients who take no initiative with researching their physician’s plan of action. Education about what to expect from a hair transplant procedure is how to avoid the common mistakes. Being taken advantage of can be hard for any patient but we do have resources on the internet to find out what’s effective in today’s hair restoration methods. One decision can have multiple irreversible effects and leave an individual lost on their journey to surgical hair restoration.

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