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My WHTC+ Dr Patrick Mwamba -1560 grafts FUE by FIT patchy shaven


Patient’s goal is always our first priority .In this case, we had specific requirements from our patient:

  1. He wanted to get a good coverage but light
  2. He wanted to keep the asymmetry in his frontal hair line
  3. He didn’t want a huge change in his look.
    We grafted his frontal hair line at 30 Fu/cm2 in state of 50 to 60 Fu/cm2 in our regular cases.
    Behind the frontal hair line the density was 20fu/cm2 .In total we covered 60 cm2 with 1560 grafts.


Bang for the buck!:slight_smile:



I see a very natural appearance that can allow the patient to be undetected in public. Looking natural is one simple pleasure that all patients should have.

Zurich, Switzerland - March 8, 2014 (Saturday)
Bologna, Italy - June 5, 2014 (Saturday)

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