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My WHTC + Dr Mwamba -1690 grafts FIT patchy 21 months post op

The patient came to see us one year after a first session surgery in another clinic .He had 2986 grafts by FUT.
Results comments:

  1. Good growth of Frontal hair line except his left side.
  2. Behind the hair line, in frontal zone, regrowth process was not at the RDV.Hairs were looking thins, DE pigmented and couldn’t grow longer .Those are signs of miniaturization in hair loss progress. It created a contrast between the good hair line and the poor density in frontal zone and top (which could be a result of hair loss progression + poor growth from surgery).
  3. Scar was unnoticeable in right side and quite big in the left side .Scar from FUT is unpredictable.

The patient goal was to increase density so he can be able to comb and create an illusion of coverage.
Because of his great hair characteristics ( Calculated density averaging 2.5 hairs per grafts ) , we recommended to graft at low density ( 30 Fu/cm2) a broad area .We end up with 1690 grafts .The technique choose for discretion and fast social reinsertion was FUE by FIT patchy shaven .We will present current status 21 months post op .

Hair density ,Calculated density i.e. number of hairs per graft ,hair caliber , hair color and hair pigmentation , contrast skin /hair color , hair length are among the major parameters to consider for hair coverage .

What does RDV mean?

Rendez vous .
It means results didn’t reach patient’s expectactions …

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