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My WHTC + Dr. MWamba -1226 grafts by FIT shaven one year post op

The patient we are presenting today is a Norwood 2 patient with straight, brown hairs.
His concern: receding temples with a little asymmetry of the hair line (the right side is more prominent than the left).
Our Plan: From the middle frontal hair line point, we drew a symmetric hair line.
And when we grafted it, we recreated a small, imperceptible asymmetry.
Because we drew a low frontal hair line, it was crucial to rebuild the temples pointes to keep a right balance of the face.

After placing reference points to the photos, you can more clearly see
where the growth has thickened the right side of the patient’s hairline.
The growth has significantly added more balance to the patient’s face.
This new hairline is more appropriate and aesthetically satisfying to the
patient. The angles and locations of the temple peaks are also very
appropriate for this particular patient. This patient is fortunate to have
a class II hair loss pattern.

The 1200 FUE grafts were well placed to increase the overall density of the
frontal hairline and establish more defined temporal points. This result is
totally undetectable as a hair transplant. After 1200 FUE, all you can see
is a soft and natural hairline. Hair line work has to be done with perfection
because it’s what most individuals notice first.

Even though hair transplant industry has made upward progression, there
are still many hair-transplant surgeons who can’t mimic how mother-nature
designs the hairline. It costs more to repair a bad hairline than it does to
build a good one.

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