My treatment advise (based on current research)

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Following are the explanations and the treatment regimen I currently advise my patients.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Androgenic alopecia is a genetic problem that is triggered by epigenetic influences.
High quality, ultrarefined fue hair transplant surgery is the treatment of choice in case there is significant thinning/baldness.
In hair transplant, one has to remember a few things-

  1. Hair transplant is an ART. A natural result is very important. We take care of that by ensuring absolutely natural angles and directions of the transplanted grafts.
  2. Equally important is density (how many grafts are transplanted per square centimetre). In 25 years of my experience, I have found that no one is satisfied by a low density hair transplant.
    A great hair transplant, therefore, is one where the patient puts forward his choice of hairline design, on the one hand, and the doctor gives a natural look as well as the best possible density using all the available grafts from the patient’s scalp, beard and body donor areas.

For the remaining areas, where the patient is noticing early hairfall or diffuse thinning, it’s important to improve the epigenome of the patient.
Epigenome can be best described as the inner environment of the body, especially, around our genes. Epigenome is affected by a wide variety of things including diet, exercise, stress, illness, pollution etc. A stressed/flawed epigenome is why we find :

  1. People losing hair 10 years before their previous generations.
  2. Hairfall is preceded by an adverse event like an illness or change of diet, water or location.
    Till recent times, doctors did not use to pay attention to these factors, taking them to be incidental in a disease largely governed by our genes.
    However, correcting these epigenetic anomalies goes a long way in reducing or even reversing hairfall.

Epigenetic measures are more personalised according to patient history and involves feeding the hair follicle roots/stem cells by a microneedling based, home-use approach.
More details are available on request.
(Please note that we don’t advocate medicines with questionable effects and serious side effects like finasteride.)

Dr Capt Arvind Poswal

The Poswal Hair Care Regime 2022 (an example - contact us for a personalized regime )

My advice based on current scientific anti-ageing/age reversal research for healthy hair for you:

Do this -

  1. Intermittent fasting
  2. Wim Hoff breathing exercises,
  3. Cold showers atleast twice a week,

Eat this :

  1. Salad of - brocolli, mushrooms, tomato.

  2. Take atleast 1-2 whole eggs per day.

  3. Salmon/oily fish 100 gm daily or similar quantity of seafood.
    Anti-Aging Diet: Foods to Avoid and Foods to Eat

  4. Snacks should contain mushrooms, liberal amounts of coriander and parsley ( they contain Quercetin and Apigenin respectively), cucumber, colored cabbage, colored ripe to overripe fruits (rich sources of NMN), algae in form of sushi or soups.
    View lecture of Dr David Sinclair, Harvard University alumni and pioneer in NMN research.

  5. Take soups - tomato clear soup with liberal amounts of spices, rasam or any traditional, fresh soups.

  6. Use curcurmin regularly in food preparation ( don’t burn it).

  7. Eat fresh, home made, chemicals and preservative free food.

  8. Eat liberal amounts of salads, walnuts and fresh citrus fruits daily. Avoid ready to cook meals.

Go for a calorie restricted diet. Refer to your dietician.
Calorie restricted diet (see video)

Eat foods that you enjoy.
Happiness is essential as is daily meditation (in whatever form). I prefer binaural guided meditation. You have a variety of music to use in this simple tool on YouTube.

Supplements :

  1. NMN (Nicotinamide Mono Nucleotide) - start with 500mg of pure NMN powder taken on empty stomach in morning. NMN makes NAD which is the fuel that helps cell multiply and stay healthy by correcting any DNA duplication mistakes.
    Benefits of NMN and research including human trials results

Research for hair growth with NMN

Take Betaine/TMG on the day you take NMN ( everyday) . Take as 1:1 ratio with NMN.
So, for 500mg dose of NMN take 500 mg of TMG.

  1. Ca AKG (Calcium Alpha Ketoglutarate)
    If you have started noticing white hair and would like to be fit too, I will suggest Ca AKG, 800mg around 2 pm with or after meal.
    Benefits of Ca AKG
    Pure Ca AKG
  2. Pure Trans Resveratrol
    Take 500mg Resveratrol every morning with 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.
    Pure Resveratrol

Resveratrol has shown hair protective and hair growth effects.

  1. Pure Grapeseed extract
    Take 500mg grapeseed extract every morning with 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or Omega/fish oil.
    Pure Grapeseed extract is available at

Read more about how Grapeseed extract benefits you, at

5. Take Vitamins B12, D3, K, Mg.

  1. Take 400mg Hyaluronic acid orally for hair and Collagen peptides cream for face.

See latest findings at

7. Collagen peptides

8. Copper peptides:
Recent research shows Copper peptides have remarkable hair improvement and hair growth propoerties.
Read the research

  1. Astragalus for hair (please read the research)
    Beneficial Effects of Astragaloside IV for Hair Loss via Inhibition of Fas/Fas L-Mediated Apoptotic Signaling - PMC
    Available at

Please get the following tests done

  1. Biological age test
  2. NAD levels test
  3. Whole genome sequencing (home test that needs saliva sample only).
    Please explore our latest anti-ageing products at :

Follow hair care regime, that I will explain in a diagram to follow.

The Poswal Hair Care regime is based on epigenetic regulation to reduce oxidative stress on the body, thus, improving hair health leading to optimal hair growth.

It’s based on oral supplementation with
NMN, Resveratrol and Grapeseed extract ( dose as listed above) coupled with injection-free Microneedling -PRP sessions (once every 2 weeks for 12 sessions) using Resveratrol and pro growth factors.
It’s also possible as home use maintenance sessions, that we will teach you ( video follows) using Resveratrol, NMN, Glutathione, Grapeseed extract and Ca-AKG.

Use SLS free shampoo only.
Take these hair nutrition supplements:
Tablet Crinis (1 tablet twice daily)
Tablet Xsorate CZ (1 tablet twice daily)
Capsule Dexomega (1 capsule twice daily)
Available at
Trans Resveratrol serum, (preferably preservative free), for home use for Microneedling needs to be pre-ordered. Please Whatsapp and pre order your requirement to me on this number. Shipping charges applicable.

Please take your vitals measurements and keep a monthly record (take pictures of your hair, especially, the effected parts in clear light and same angles for comparison. Also note/collect the hairloss in hairbrush if you’re noticing rapid hair fall).
Please share your monthly progress with me.

Gene/Cell tests : These are the latest genetic tests that can help you and/or your child. These helps to unlock the information in our DNA that we can use to keep our hair healthy.
Please get the following tests done

  1. Biological age test
  2. NAD levels test
  3. Whole genome sequencing.
    Please explore our latest anti-ageing products at :
    I will need 3 pictures of your affected areas and your feedback on your hair situation.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Dr Capt Arvind Poswal

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